Mobile Advertising: Click-to-call Ads

Mar 1, 2019

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Geoff Campbell

Geoff Campbell is a PPC and Paid Media Manager for eCommerce, Industrial, and Enterprise brands.

Companies and businesses are rapidly switching from traditional advertising to mobile advertising, and for a good number of reasons. Mobile advertising, just as the name suggests, refers to advertisements that appear on mobile devices and online platforms; ranging from web pages to mobile games and apps.

These could be in the form of SMS, banner advertisements, expanding ads, videos, display ads, pop-ups, click-to-download ads, push notification ads, floating and news feed ads, or click-to-call ads. Recent statistics prove that more and more businesses are using click-to-call ads. Read on to learn more!

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What Is a Click-to-Call Ad?

This is as straightforward as it sounds.

A click-to-call ad helps online customers simply click a phone number online and make a call without the hassle of remembering or copying and pasting a phone number.

Click-to-call ads let customers simply click a phone number online to make a call without the hassle of remembering or copy/pasting a phone number.

Click-to-call allows direct web-to-phone connections between buyers and sellers via local SEO. Click-to-call ads are the latest technology in mobile advertising, and many companies are greatly benefiting from this service.

The chances are that you’ve probably come across a click-to-call prompt on a website, a search engine, an ad banner, an email, an online directory listing, blogs and even pay-per-click ads, which automatically connects you to a customer service representative.     

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Click-to-Call Benefits

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There’s a reason why click-to-call ads are gaining increasing prominence in the world of mobile advertising. If your business is yet to adopt click-to-call ads, now may be a good time to consider them.

Here are some of the reasons even the most prominent businesses are using click-to-call ads:

  • It removes the hassle of remembering or dialing phone numbers; thus, it improves customer experience and ease of use.
  • It increases online sales conversion rates.
  • It reduces inefficiency by eliminating the chances of connecting to a wrong phone number.
  • It increases productivity and time management.
  • It provides ease of transaction for both buyers and sellers.
  • It enhances the automatic tracking of calls.
  • It improves customer satisfaction.
  • It reduces website abandonment.
  • It converts web-based traffic into direct telephone communications.
  • It provides accurate reports about online visitors.
  • It routes calls to any phone.

Using click-to-call ads greatly improves user experience, which is key to success.

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Top companies are maximizing the advantages that click-to-call ads offer and so can you. The first step is getting an excellent click-to-call service provider that can help you minimize cost and maximize online sales opportunities.

EWR Digital is a team of marketing experts that understands how mobile marketing works. We know the best strategies for mobile advertising that will improve customer relationships and increase your online conversion rate.

For us, helping your business grow and maximizing your ROI is the No. 1 priority. Are you ready to upgrade your business’ mobile advertising and increase your online conversion rate? Then, contact us now by clicking the button below or calling us at (713) 597-2656.

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