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Healthcare Marketing

Increase strategic advantage with multi-channel and segmented tactics to attract patients in a hyper competitive landscape.

As the healthcare industry evolves, brands that can find, shape, and share their stories in ways that create more in-depth, authentic connections with their audiences will move the marketing status quo.

Whether it is searching for the best-reviewed doctor or making an appointment with a medical practitioner, or a healthcare organization with a new plan, at EWR Digital, we’re the prescription for better healthcare marketing.

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Why is Healthcare Marketing Important?

The concept of healthcare is changing.

Various studies show that almost 60% of healthcare consumers run an online search before visiting a clinic, and 44% of them used a mobile device to book their appointment. While 50% of patients prefer a healthcare provider in their health plan’s network, 39% say that reputation is the key to finding a new hospital or doctor.

By 2021, healthcare digital ads will overtake TV ads and make for 46% of total healthcare advertising expenditure.

In addition, businesses and practitioners in the healthcare space must tap into is the 24/7 digital avenue – either video calls with a specialist or chat options to find accurate answers from licensed pharmacists.

Consumers are now, more than ever, seeking greater patient engagement, which focuses on facilitating a two-way interaction between the healthcare providers and consumers. Maintaining healthy relationships is crucial for patient retention, gaining authority, and providing care.

EWR Digital’s healthcare marketing supports this transition by providing convenient, accessible, digitally integrated services that fit into consumers’ hectic lives. Our systems are designed to provide superior customer service and engagement opportunities to maintain patient loyalty.

How Does Healthcare Marketing Work?

Launching an expensive marketing campaign that has a national or even global reach may not be possible for small practices, healthcare networks, independent medical professionals, and local pharmacies. In such cases, digital marketing is the most effective strategy to reach your target consumers.

A medical marketing agency can help you be more accessible to your potential clientele. What you need are the services of EWR Digital to attract more patients to your facility by improving your online brand, and increase revenue while optimizing the costs.

How Does Healthcare Marketing Work?

  • Understand what the users are searching for and provide accurate information
  • Get a competitive edge on other local companies in the healthcare industry
  • Create enhanced and personalized user experiences to retain engagement

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Medical Digital Marketing Services

Without a healthy marketing plan in place, you may be unknowingly losing potential consumers to your competition. By making your brand more visible, you can triple your customer reach. Since 1999, EWR Digital (formally known as eWebResults) has been in the business of providing marketing services to the healthcare industry. With our extensive knowledge, we helped several medical professionals and practices craft actionable digital marketing campaigns.

Based on your requirement, we may suggest a few or all of our services, including:

HIPAA-Compliant Website Development

As with any other industry, your official website is your identity, which means you can draw more people with a neatly structured website with accurate information. We make the needed tweaks and develop a professional website that complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws.

Mobile Responsive Design

People on the go use mobile devices to get instant answers to their problems. If a website does not have a mobile-friendly web design, users will not be inclined to stay. Our agency specializes in creating mobile-responsive web design or healthcare websites to improve patient conversion rates.

Informational Blogs

Getting your target audience to arrive on your site is only half the battle won. But you can generate curiosity with informative content by posting blogs regularly. We can keep your brand loyalists updated on relevant topics, your new products, and offerings, or just engage on a question and answer forums and grow your online presence.

User Experience

Your target demographic is already seeking you out; now, it is your turn to impress them to choose your facility. We add multiple calls to action on every page so that they get motivated to make their decision. A contact form not only adds authenticity but also allows you to communicate with the users through various marketing channels.

Marketing Automation

Through email subscriptions or contact forms, we collect the contact info of the website visitors and use marketing automation to maintain communication. Whether you want to share healthy living tips or confirm an appointment, monthly email newsletters or SMS reminders can convey your message across.

Social Media Marketing

These days, everybody is on at least one social media platform. Think of the social media posts as mini-blogs in the form of tiny tidbits, which can be shared by your followers. These posts have a more personal connection to your patients, drive more organic traffic to your website, and also reach a wider audience.

Video Marketing

Health and wellness videos rank almost 50 times more than web pages that contain text alone. The medical industry is full of complicated jargon, which can be confusing to a layperson. Rather than filling your website with complex language, we make relatable video content that anyone can understand.

B2B Medical Advertising

Paid ads get you sponsored spots on the Google search results page and can bring in more visitors to your business. Likewise, your medical facility or pharmacy needs to work with other companies, too. For this, we leverage B2B medical targeted marketing on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is what puts you on the top search results when people look for “services near me.” And with the ever-growing popularity of virtual assistants and hands-free mobile usage, voice search is going to dominate the future of marketing. We optimize the website for voice-based local healthcare searches.

Reputation Management

Per estimates, consumers read around six online reviews from past patients about your medical practice and make up their minds whether to visit you or not. So, one bad review is all it takes to deter them from approaching you. We make sure to uphold the online reputation of your brand and convey your credibility to prospective patients.

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Benefits of Healthcare Digital Marketing

Improved Visibility

52% of users Google medical information about treatment options, and digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your targeted audience.

Brand Marketing

Using patient insights, you can target consumers of a specific location or those with individual medical requirements.

Accurate Information

You can convey precise information about your services and even display powerful patient testimonials that vouch for your practice.

Digital Analysis

Using advanced analytics, we update you on the progress of our marketing efforts and keep making improvements to boost your returns.
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About Us

EWR Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency for the medical and healthcare industry. We believe in building and retaining long-term partnerships with all our clients, which is why we send you transparent and detailed monthly reports on our progress. We have a competent team of web designers and developers, USA-based writers who understand the ins-and-outs of the medical space.