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What is a Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is a comprehensive and systematic examination of a company’s marketing environment, goals, strategies, and activities. It evaluates the effectiveness of the company’s marketing efforts and identifies areas for improvement.

The marketing audit process typically involves a review of the company’s marketing objectives, marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion), target markets, marketing research, marketing organization, and marketing budget. It may also involve a review of external factors such as competition, industry trends, and legal/regulatory issues that may affect the company’s marketing efforts.

The primary purpose of a marketing audit is to identify strengths and weaknesses in the company’s marketing strategy and operations, and to develop recommendations for improving marketing performance. It helps the company to assess the effectiveness of its marketing activities, to identify potential opportunities and threats, and to make informed decisions about resource allocation and future marketing strategies.

      Why Marketing Audits are Important

      Marketing audits provide you detailed insights into how effective your marketing efforts are. Even if you’re tracking data internally it’s important to get outside counsel (you know the whole ‘seeing the forest through the trees’ bit). Remember, what gets measured gets managed!

      But, we don’t stop at just providing you data — we also provide you actionable steps you can take to make immediate improvements.

      Here are just a few reasons why a marketing audit is essential for your business:

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          • Increase ROI: A marketing audit can help you identify and eliminate ineffective marketing tactics, leading to a higher return on investment.
          • Identify new opportunities: A marketing audit can reveal new opportunities for growth and expansion that you may not have considered before.
          • Improve targeting: A marketing audit can help you better understand your target audience and how to effectively reach them.
          • Stay ahead of the competition: A marketing audit can provide valuable insights into what your competitors are doing, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.
          • Benchmark and measure progress: A marketing audit can help you establish a benchmark and measure progress over time, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

          Don’t let ineffective marketing strategies hold your business back any longer. Find a Audit that fits your needs today and schedule to unlock your business’s full potential.


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          Marketing Audits We Offer

          SEO Audit

          An SEO Audit provides you an in-depth analysis of where to make improvements to your website and SEO strategies. With Google having over 200+ ranking factors, it can be difficult to know where you should focus your efforts.

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          Having a great website is critical to your marketing success. However, slick visuals and snazzy copy aren’t enough to get results. Get the insights you need to make sure your website is performing at its best through SEO and proper web design and development.

          Paid Media Audit at EWR Digital

          61% of ad spend is wasted, which is why auditing your pay-per-click campaigns is so important. Your Paid Media audit will help you determine how to optimize your ads so you can improve ad spend and improve your ROI.

          Brand Audit at EWR Digital

          In order to compete in the market you need to have a great brand. Your Brand Audit will help you understand how to properly align your brand with your target persona.

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          Marketing Audit FAQ

          Will an audit actually help my marketing?

          Yes! Here’s why — our marketing audits not only help you identify potential issues and opportunities, the report also provides information on how to act upon those.

          If you follow the steps outlined it’s going to make a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

          Can I implement the suggested changes myself?

          Absolutely! Your audit is yours to keep and do with what you want.

          Of course if you’d like for this to be a white-glove approach we will help you implement all the changes found in your audit.

          How much does an audit cost?

          Each audit we provide has it’s own cost. The reason is some types of audits are more time consuming then others. The cost for each audit is listed on the page for that audit.

          How long do audits take?

          The turnaround time on an audit depends on what audit you selected. Some audits can be completed within 1 business week, while others make take multiple months. The time to completion for each audit is listed on the individual audit pages.

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