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How Digital Marketing Can Improve Your Construction Business

The construction industry is cutthroat, with significant competition. Making an impression and gaining an advantage means investing in advertising strategies. You need to go beyond the typical, SEO and PPC, and delve into analytics. Our team, at EWR Digital, is ready to help. As a respected internet marketing agency, we strive to make our client’s vision of success and exposure a reality. There are significant advantages to a fresh marketing approach if you dare to try.

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      Superior Construction Lead Generation

      “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.” – Bryan Eisenberg

      One of the biggest advantages of working with digital marketing experts is a success in reaching your target audience. This requires solid research, analysis, and strategy. Our team helps you direct your efforts towards the best leads. The goal is to take advantage of high purchasing intent instead of wasting money on leads that go nowhere.

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        Importance and Benefits of Digital Marketing

        Advertising through digital channels is not as restrictive as traditional mediums. While budgets are often stretched thin when using magazines and TV spots, internet options offer affordable alternatives. Companies can start YouTube channels or Facebook pages with limited to no budget. Unfortunately, using social platforms also means dedication to updates, which is challenging. If you allow us to point the time and energy into your business, we can help you achieve marketing success. You will see the benefits of a real digital advertising campaign.

          Schedule a Free Website Analysis

          Your website is the digital equivalent of a physical storefront and the foundation of your digital marketing efforts. Learn where you can improve your website by scheduling a free analysis.

          Using Data to Analyze Market Success and Reach

          Too many construction businesses rely on traditional marketing tools, like print. While purchasing space in trade publications is useful, it is difficult to analyze the results. You may never know if a slogan, tagline, or specific marketing tactics are working because of a lack of data. Digital marketing does not work that way.

          Digital advertising is full of analytic data. You can run countless A/B tests to verify the messaging that works for your target demographic. Once you find the successful medium and messaging, you can drop the ineffective version. The flexibility and distribution save you money and extend your reach with the right consumers.

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          The Best Marketing Services for Construction Companies

          We provide a complete range of digital marketing solutions for businesses, including Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and follow-up analytics. Our team can manage all of your marketing channels seamlessly for a cohesive approach.


          Marketing Strategy

          One of the most important parts of successful marketing is the strategy behind your actions. It’s essential to identify your target audience and understand what search terms and topics are of value. Knowing which avenues produce the best ROI can save you a lot of money and provide leads that translate into increased profits.

          Website Development

          Your website represents your company online, so it needs to communicate what sets you apart. Every page must speak to your unmatched customer solutions, providing motivating content that moves visitors to take action. This isn’t something that happens by accident. The best pages use skillful SEO to drive lead generation. Our team handles every step, including website design, page optimization, and page creation.

          Brand Design & Strategy

          It’s easier to attract business leads when your company has a powerful identity. A great brand reputation is directly related to customer loyalty and business networking. We can help you make an unforgettable first impression with your target audience. By highlighting your company’s distinctive strengths, we show potential customers why partnering with your brand is such a smart choice.



          Appearing at the top of page one for search results is vital for construction marketing. Company decision-makers go online in search of services. They often trust the top search results more in terms of quality and industry experience. Our SEO services help your website rank high in organic searches naturally by pairing focused keywords with high-quality content.


          If you’re not taking video into account for your marketing, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to impress and connect with customers. Business clients often look at videos when deciding whether your brand is trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable. Expertly curated videos show potential customers your company’s advantages up close.


          When your business has countless online competitors, great organic search techniques may not be enough to catch the attention of high-value leads. In that case, our professionally-managed PPC marketing helps you implement the most relevant paid search options for your target audience, always based on in-depth research and analysis.

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          Digital Marketing FAQ

          Why SEO?

          SEO is the most cost effective and sustainable way to drive growth and promote your brand. Our process & methodology is cutting edge — you won’t see any other agencies taking the same approach. It’s why we consistently generate long-term results for our clients.

          Does SEO actually work?

          Yes! Many of our clients have seen significant gains in their rankings, which translates directly into more website visitors.

          In fact we helped ROSI move from position 16 to position 1 within 5 months.

          Are you a full service marketing agency?

          Yes! We offer and execute all your digital marketing needs — SEO, website design & development, corporate branding, paid media, corporate videography, social media management, and email marketing.

          Expert Marketing Assistance

          As a business professional, you know that there’s simply no substitute for expertise. Work with our expert marketing team and direct your efforts to the correct audience. Boost conversions and client acquisition with high-quality web pages, an authoritative voice, and smart PPC techniques.

          Learn more about our services by contacting us right away. We’re happy to answer your questions and put together a customized proposal for your company’s needs.


          Effective marketing requires two investments — money and time.

          Your total investment will be based on your market and how aggressive you want to be. We’ll help you determine the best marketing strategies based on your goals and budget.

          Currently, our most successful clients are spending $5k+ per month along with frequent checkins and planning sessions.

          Our Clients

          The most successful marketing efforts are the result of collaborative partnerships. By working together we’ll help you become a market leader like some of the amazing partners we’ve helped over the years.