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EWR is an official Google Partner
Google Guaranteed Results on a desktop and mobile device


EWR is an official Google Partner



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Why Google Local Service Ads?

It’s a brand new advertising platform that help consumers confidently discover, connect local service professionals.

What are the benefits of signing up?

Be listed on the top of Google Search Results

Only pay for leads related to your business and the services you offer

VIP onboarding and assistance with the Google Screened application

Ongoing Bid Management and Monthly Budget Optimization

Recertification and documents management to keep your Google Screened Status

Assistance with disputing leads. Don’t pay for invalid leads!

Dedicated account manager to handle all of your questions & needs

Mobile phone showing Google Guaranteed results

We Help You Save Up To 70% Of Your Google Ads Marketing Budget

Google Guaranteed results on desktop and mobile device


Some businesses that have the Google Screened badge must pass a business-level background and a business-owner background check. Additionally, each professional in the business must pass a license check and the business overall must have a 3.0 star customer rating or higher. In some categories, each professional in the business must also pass a background check.

These checks assure consumers that the professionals they work with have been thoroughly vetted and provide them added peace of mind as they work with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


With Google Screened, you only pay for leads related to your business or the services you offer. Here’s how it works:

  • You set a weekly budget that limits the total number of leads you receive in any given week.
  • You may get a different number of leads from day to day, but you never spend more than your designated weekly budget.
  • You have the ability to immediately dispute leads if you receive a lead that’s not valid.

What Do You Need for the Google Guaranteed Application Process?

The business owner will need to provide the following documents to get approved with the Google Guaranteed Badge.

  • Pass a Background Check
  • Provide a Copy of their Business Insurance
  • Provide a Copy of their State Business License

What’s the difference between Google Guaranteed & Google Ads?

The main difference between Google Guaranteed and Google ads would be how the pricing model is. Google Guaranteed is a cost per call versus Google Ads which is a cost per click.

How does Google Charge for Google Screened Leads?

Advertisers using Google Screened are charged for each lead received. Lead prices are set for each city so you’ll never pay more for leads than the amount you specify in your weekly budget.

What's a Valid Lead?

Valid leads are related to your business or the services you offer, and can occur in the following situations when customers find your Google Screened ad on Google:

  • You answer a phone call or receive a text message about a service/job type that you provide in the geographic market you are targeting during your available business hours and the call lasts longer than 30 seconds.

Does Google Guarantee Use Keywords?

Google Guarantee does not use keywords they use industry categories.
Meaning your not able to determine which keywords you want to come up for.