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Instantly improve your marketing With a Discovery Call / Website SEO Consultation!

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What is A Digital Marketing Consultation?

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Our initial consultation, also known as a discovery call, is the first interaction we have with potential clients who express interest in our services. We hope that we will be talking with you soon as well!

This is an ideal opportunity for you to acquaint yourself with one of our qualified digital marketing consultants, who possess significant expertise in developing advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as optimizing your website for search engine rankings.

Our professionals possess a solid grasp of marketing and SEO, as well as a strong command of online platforms ad management.

During the free marketing consultation, we will take the time to learn more about your business and determine if we are the right fit for one another. If we aren’t we will do our best to connect you with someone that is.

Get a Free SEO Consultation

A free SEO consultation is a service where our SEO professionals do a quick analyze your website’s current state and provide high level recommendations to improve its performance in search engine results. This may include assessing keywords, competitor strategies, technical aspects, content, and offering insights into SEO best practices. The consultation is free, however we do offer additional paid services that include deeper website audits, SEO consulting and workshops.

There is no obligation to proceed with our paid services after our call we just want to understand where you are with your marketing, project or initiative.

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Testimonial for digital strategy services
Testimonial for digital strategy services
Testimonial for digital strategy services

Complimentary Consultation

Get a 2nd opinion on your Digital strategy (Online / GTM / SEO / PR)

There are several reasons why a business might want to consider doing a discovery call with Us?


  • Discover compatibility: A discovery call is a good opportunity for you to get to know us as a agency and see if you are a good fit? It can help you determine if our agency’s style and approach align with your business goals and values.
  • To learn more about the services: A discovery call is a chance for our agency to explain our digital marketing services and how we can help your business. It can give you a better understanding of what we offer and how we can support your marketing efforts.
  • To discuss your needs and goals: A discovery call is a chance for you to discuss your marketing needs and goals with no obligation to move forward. It can help us understand your unique business and what you are hoping to achieve, which can inform our recommendations and proposals.
  • To ask questions: A discovery call is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about our services or how we work. It can help you get a better sense of our agency’s capabilities and how we can support your business.
  • To determine next steps: A discovery call can help you determine the next steps in the process of working with our agency.

Typically our next step is to move to some form of Digital Strategy Consulting whether be a audit, workshop, or private consulting session to make sure that you receive to more accurate and helpful digital marketing proposal for your needs!

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How Our Free  Consultation Works

We understand that your time is valuable, and that’s why our free consultations on your SEO or Digital Strategy follow a swift and tested procedure that allows us to assess whether we are a suitable match and comprehend your objectives.

This process is uncomplicated, efficient, and impactful, requiring only 15-20 minutes of your time.

Schedule Your Consultation

Use our scheduler below to pick a date and time that works best for you.

Talk With An Expert

Our marketing and SEO expert will meet with you to discuss your challenges and help you develop next steps.

Walk Away With Insights

You’ll walk away with new insights into your marketing efforts, our capabilites, and next setup if you would like to move forward with us.
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Process To Working With Us 

Every campaign we execute begins and ends with your business goals. We want to improve rankings, increase traffic, and drive sales!— but to be a successful campaign first you need the right strategy and the right marketing agency.
A Different Approach to Digital Marketing - EWR Digital

Free Consultation

All potential partnerships at EWR Digital start with a discovery call between you and one of our consultants. Our consultants meets with you (via phone or video conference) to discuss your website, goals, challenges, and opportunities. This 20-minute discovery calls also helps us determine the rightness of fit, ensuring our expectations and beliefs are aligned. We do not bring on clients that we don’t believe we can help.

Digital Strategy

A great strategy is the foundation for all successful marketing initiatives, which is why we alway start with strategy first. Depending on your needs our consultants will likely suggest one of our specialized audits or strategy workshops. These strategy offerings will help us develop a more robust and laser-targeted custom proposal that fits your goals. Take the first step today to grow sales and setup a call with one of our consultants!

Custom Proposal

After the strategy has been established, our team will develop a custom proposal tailored to your website and online marketing. This proposal includes recommended services for your campaign based on the needs discussed during the audit or workshop pershaps a paid one-on-one with a in-houston subject matter expert.

Quarterly Kickoff

If you move forward with your custom proposal we’ll start with a quarterly campaign — which is how we structure all marketing campaigns. During the quarterly kickoff you’ll be introduced to your Account Manager and onboarded into our system. After that it’s time to hit the ground running on your campaign.

15 Strategies for Marketing Your Small Business | EWR Digital
The EWR Digital strategy team

Will this actually help my business?

Absolutely! Here’s why:

Unlike other free consultation offerings we hold nothing back — this is not a cookie-cutter approach. We know every business is unique. Which is why we take the time to learn about your business, goals, and challenges. In the end, our goal is to provide you customized, actionable steps you can implement today.

You read that correctly. The advice we offer can be executed by you. Our consultation is not a sales pitch. It’s an opportunity to talk about marketing (which we love to do) and help guide others to success. We do offer paid consultations for those who need a deep dive into a particular topic, but we know not everyone needs that level of strategic planning.

We’re passion about search marketing. We are a team of experts who research, test, and evaluate: PPC & SEO strategies/tactics, web design & CRO.  We do our best to to provide reliable, unbiased, and informative reviews. We keep our promises and will tell you the truth about your  marketing!