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Why Website Support and Maintenance Services are So Important

Let’s chat about why website support and maintenance services are crucial for your business. Imagine your website as a car. You wouldn’t drive it for years without getting regular check-ups, oil changes, or fixing any issues that pop up, right? The same goes for your website. Regular support and maintenance ensure your site runs smoothly, stays secure, and adapts to the latest tech and user expectations. It’s about keeping things up-to-date, fixing bugs, and continuously improving the user experience.

How Website Maintenance Improved Speed and Usability, Attracting More Customers for a Contractor Business

Let me share a story that highlights the importance of website support and maintenance. We worked with a local contractor who specialized in home renovations. They had a website that showcased their stunning portfolio and listed their services, but it was slow, outdated, and sometimes crashed, especially when potential clients tried to view project galleries.

This was a big issue. Customers would leave the site frustrated, and the contractor was losing valuable leads. They reached out to us for help, desperate to turn things around.

We began by giving their website a thorough check-up. We optimized the site’s speed by updating the code, compressing images, and switching to a more reliable hosting service. We also refreshed the design, making it more modern and user-friendly, and ensured the galleries loaded quickly and smoothly.

The change was remarkable. The website became faster and much easier to navigate. Potential clients were now able to browse the project galleries effortlessly, and they stayed on the site longer. One particular customer, who had almost given up on finding the right contractor due to frustrating online experiences, contacted our client through the newly optimized website. They were impressed by the ease of access to the project photos and the detailed information about services offered.

This lead turned into a major home renovation project, and the customer later shared how the smooth online experience gave them confidence in the contractor’s professionalism and attention to detail. This project not only brought in substantial revenue but also led to multiple referrals, significantly boosting the contractor’s business.

This story shows that website support and maintenance are more than just technical tasks—they’re about ensuring your digital presence is strong, reliable, and user-friendly. By maintaining and improving your website, you can provide a better experience for your customers, which in turn leads to more leads, more projects, and a stronger reputation in your industry.

Hassle-free website support and maintenance services for businesses of all sizes

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As EWR Digital, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality website support and maintenance services. To better serve our clients and expand our offerings, we have launched a new brand called Cohosta, which will focus exclusively on website support and maintenance services. is a website dedicated to providing expert website support and maintenance services to clients worldwide. We leverage our experience and expertise to ensure that our clients’ websites are always up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to help our clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

While EWR Digital will continue to offer a full range of digital services, Cohosta will be our dedicated brand for website support and maintenance services. By focusing exclusively on these services, we can provide even more value to our clients and help them achieve even greater success online by following best practices.

We are excited to launch Cohosta and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional website support and maintenance services to our clients under this new brand.

At EWR Digital, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality web design services that are tailored to your business goals and budget. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, we have the skills and expertise to create a website that is designed to help you succeed.

Our web design services include responsive design, user interface design, e-commerce solutions, custom web development, and much more. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that your website stays up-to-date and continues to deliver results for your business.

Choose EWR Digital as your web design agency and experience the difference that our expertise and passion can make. Contact us today to learn more and start your digital journey with us!

What is Website Maintenance and Support

Website maintenance and support refer to the ongoing process of ensuring that a website is up-to-date, functioning correctly, and meeting the needs of its users. This involves regularly monitoring and fixing any issues that arise, updating content, and making sure that the website is compatible with the latest web browsers and devices.

Website maintenance can include tasks such as:

Updating content

Regularly adding new content, updating existing content, and ensuring that all information on the website is accurate and relevant.

Monitoring website security

Keeping the website secure by monitoring for vulnerabilities, installing security updates and patches, and ensuring that all data is stored safely.

Fixing issues

Troubleshooting and fixing any technical issues that arise, such as broken links, error messages, and compatibility issues with different browsers or devices.

Optimizing performance

Improving website speed and performance, optimizing images, and ensuring that the website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Providing support

Responding to user feedback, answering questions, and providing technical support to users who are experiencing issues with the website.

Overall, website maintenance and support are critical to ensuring that a website continues to meet the needs of its users, remains secure, and performs optimally.

Benefits of Web Support and Maintenance

There are several reasons why businesses should consider having web support and maintenance services:


Websites are vulnerable to security threats such as hacking, malware, and viruses. Regular maintenance and updates can help to keep the website secure and protected from these threats.


A poorly maintained website can be slow, unresponsive, and prone to errors. Regular maintenance and optimization can help to improve the website’s performance, resulting in a better user experience and improved search engine rankings.


Websites that are not properly maintained can experience downtime, which can be detrimental to a business’s online presence. Web support and maintenance services can help to ensure that the website is always accessible and functioning properly.


Regular website maintenance can prevent larger problems from occurring, which can save a business money in the long run. It’s generally more cost-effective to have regular maintenance and updates performed than to deal with a major website issue that could have been prevented.


Web support and maintenance services are typically provided by professionals with expertise in website development and management. By outsourcing website maintenance, businesses can access this expertise without having to hire an in-house team.

Overall, web support and maintenance services are essential for businesses that rely on their websites for online presence, marketing, and sales. By keeping the website secure, well-performing, and accessible, businesses can improve their online presence and reach their goals more effectively.

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