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Public Relations (PR) is not just about headlines; it’s a potent tool for turbocharging both SEO and branding. A well-crafted PR strategy not only generates media coverage but also builds authoritative backlinks, a key factor in SEO success. Beyond the SEO benefits, PR elevates your brand image, establishing credibility and trust in the eyes of your audience. Media mentions and positive coverage contribute to a robust online reputation, reinforcing your brand as an industry leader.

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EWR Digital is one of the leading public relations agencies that specializes in helping businesses build strong relationships with their audiences. With years of experience in the industry, the agency has a proven track record of delivering results-driven PR campaigns that drive brand awareness, improve reputation, and increase engagement.

We Turn Business Leaders into Business Influencers!

EWR understands that in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence. That’s why we offer a range of PR services, including media relations, corporate commuication, crisis management, and social media management, to help businesses build and maintain a positive reputation across all channels.

Whether you’re a funded tech startup looking to build your brand from scratch or an established company seeking to strengthen your existing PR efforts, EWR has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Our team of PR experts will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a customized PR strategy that’s tailored to your business.

So if you’re looking to take your PR efforts to the next level, look no further than EWR Digital’s Public Relation Agency. With our proven expertise and dedication to delivering results, they can help you build lasting relationships with your customers and take your business to new heights!

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What is a Public Relations (PR) Agency

Jean-Louis Gassée: “Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”​ (NewsVoir)​.

A public relations (PR) agency is a company that specializes in managing a brand’s reputation and building positive relationships with the public, media, and other stakeholders. The primary goal of a PR agency is to help businesses communicate effectively with their target audience and create a positive image and perception of their brand.

PR agencies may use various techniques and tools to achieve their objectives, such as media relations, influencer marketing, crisis communication, thought leadership, and content creation. The services offered by a PR agency may include developing and implementing a PR strategy, creating and distributing press releases, conducting media outreach, managing social media accounts, and organizing events.

EWR Digital Marketing is a PR agency that works with businesses of all sizes and in various industries, from startups to large corporations. They may also specialize in specific areas of PR, such as corporate PR, crisis management, or public affairs. Our main goal as a PR agency is to help businesses build and maintain a positive reputation, establish trust and credibility with their target audience, and ultimately, achieve their business objectives.

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What is Difference between Public Relations and Media Relations?

Media relations and public relations are related fields that involve managing the communication and reputation of an organization, but there are some differences between them:


  1. Public Relations: Public relations is a broader field that encompasses media relations, but also involves managing an organization’s relationships with other stakeholders, such as customers, employees, investors, and the general public. Public relations practitioners may use a variety of tactics, such as organizing events, developing social media campaigns, and creating advertising and promotional materials, to build and maintain positive relationships with these groups.
  2. Media Relations: Media relations is the practice of building relationships with members of the media to promote and maintain a positive image of an organization. It involves identifying relevant journalists and media outlets, pitching stories to them, getting quotes and bylines as well as responding to media inquiries. Media relations often involves crafting and disseminating press releases, managing media interviews, and arranging media events.
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What Clients say about our public relations services

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“We hired EWR Digital to help us improve our online image and our reputation with our clients. Our online presence has improved dramatically.” 

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Determining Your Media Goals

When connecting you to your community, we start by setting goals to determine what you want in a relationship.

Today, PR involves much more than pitching reporters all day. Truly successful PR — the kind that shapes people’s perception of your brand and elevates your reputation — requires thought and creativity.

We work with members of the media to develop a brand strategy to get you in front of the right person. Our relationships within online, print and broadcast ensures consistent coverage in all the right places. Were constantly in touch with national, regional and trade publications. We believe that PR is just advanced SEO.

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Clear Target Audience

First things first, a PR strategy should identify the target audience. Any messaging delivered to any market should have a specific target consumer in mind.

One brand can have multiple personas to target, but each message will be tailored to that audience. That’s why many brands create different messaging of the same concept. That should speak to different personas differently.

The more details you include, the better. A persona includes the name, age, social class, profession, interests, pain points, and goals of the consumer in mind. If you don’t currently have your target audience defined please check out our “Journey Mapping workshop”.

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Communication Objectives

There are specific objectives between your brand and your audience.

Usually, it’s one or more of four objectives: creating brand awareness, disseminating information, changing attitudes, or changing behavior.

Digitally speaking, there are also objectives that different platforms suggest when you create an advertising campaign. Those are categorized as engagement, brand awareness, video views, conversions, app installs, lead generation, conversions, etc.

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Communication Design

Designing the communication to achieve the desired response will require answering three problems.

  1. Deciding on the message strategy
  2. Electing the creative strategy
  3. Message source

In determining PR message strategy, you need to decide on the story and the messaging that ties these into your brand positioning so that you can establish points of continuity and differentiation.

Our MEDIA Service Includes:

Development of key messages, talking points, newsworthy story ideas and pitches

Press releases & distribution

Research Targeted media list contacts

Drafting and submitting editorial thought leadership pieces (bylines, blogs, news articles, quotes)

Create press kits to better inform the media of your brand

Advise on the potential reputational outcomes of key business decisions

React quickly and respond effectively during a crisis

Speaker nominations

Awards nominations

Trade partnership development

Ribbon cutting ceremonies and municipal proclamations

And more…all to secure meaningful coverage!

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We helped MyVitalC generate over $230k+ from their 13 podcast appearances.
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Podcast Pitching

How would you like to develop a real connection with dozens of your ideal customers all at one time? Imagine what that would do for your business.

Visibility, Authority, and Trust are the cornerstone of growth. Today, one of the most effective ways to market your business is Podcast Interview Marketing.

“Podcasting converts 25x more visitors to leads than blogging.”

Social Media Services

Almost every business can benefit from social media marketing. When leveraging social media marketing effectively, you expand your reach, qualified traffic and convert consumers!

On some networks, only a small portion of your followers will see what you share. That’s where our social strategy can play an important role. We know how to promote high-quality content like engaging content like video shorts, reels and hashtags to increase their visibility on platforms, liked LinkedIn where organic traffic still exists.

“70% of consumers expect a brand to have a social media presence.”

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Press Releases & Ghost Writing

Press releases are a perfect way to strategically talk about your latest accomplishments. But, not all press releases are the same. Our team can help you create a press release that gets the attention of news outlets while helping you build your authority at the same time.

Ghost writing services are a great way to efficiently create content and build authority in your field. If content creation is a cornerstone of your marketing efforts see how we can help you build powerful content while saving time and money.

Newsworthy PR

Media Plan and KPIs

Your media plan should be coupled with also how you will use the allocated budget for advertising on different platforms to amplify your messaging. This is one of the most important parts of PR strategy — the repurposing of the media coverage earned to the rest of your audience and followers.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is that all results are measurable. This part should clarify, through numbers, what you expect to achieve in terms of engagement, views, conversions, etc. according to the objectives.

You should develop specific KPIs to be able to measure against them after the campaign is over.

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Digital marketing services related to Public Relations

In-depth market research and analytic services can further enhance your digital marketing tactics and lead to increased brand awareness and visibility. There are a multitude of digital marketing services that work alongside analytics that can help maximize your data’s impact. These services include:

Understanding Your Business

We start every client relationship with a 30-day “onboarding & integration” process. This gives us ample time to accurately portrait where your business truly stands today. Additionally, we’ll have branding workshops and customer journey workshops with our digital marketing experts to gather valuable input to help shape your brand’s message.

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