Mobile Advertising: Push Notification Ads

Apr 5, 2023

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Geoff Campbell

Geoff Campbell is a PPC and Paid Media Manager for eCommerce, Industrial, and Enterprise brands.

Push notification ads are an emerging trend in the mobile advertising sphere. Every ping, ding, and ting gets noticed by the user – fueled by the fear of missing out, these notifications can’t be ignored.

Maybe it’s a WhatsApp message, maybe it’s Facebook. Maybe it’s Candy Crush – whenever a user installs a gaming app, they’ll get a notification that they should start playing again if they leave it alone for a few hours.

They’re an important part of mobile advertising, alongside click-to-call ads, web banners, expanding ads, floating and news feed ads, and pop-up ads.

Read on to learn how your business can use push notification ads.

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Push Notification Ads

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Push notifications are commonplace, and using them for advertising is the next logical step. An advantage over traditional ad campaigns is that they are around until the user decides to interact with them. A pay per click (PPC) campaign may show up in a feed or within search results, but once it’s been scrolled past, it’s done.

With push notification ads, there are 2 options:

  1. take an action to interact with the ad; or
  2. take an action to dismiss the notification.

If you’re in the middle of scrolling through your feed, you’ll most likely keep on going. With a push notification ad, it doesn’t matter if you keep on going as the ad is still there.

You can either take an action to interact with the ad or take an action to dismiss the notification.


Another positive factor in favor of push notifications is their visibility. You might miss the ad that appears in between search results, but a push notification is clear and hard to miss – even clearer than a banner ad.

When the content of the notification is not visible, an icon will be displayed indicating there is a message to be dealt with, so it just can’t be ignored.

In fact, the closest comparison you may find is with direct emails. Both marketing methods allow you to reach the user in a way that is obvious and can be dealt with when the user is ready, not just when the advertiser demands it.

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Mobile advertising gives advertisers a link to the younger generation who still check their email, but are more likely to communicate using messaging technology or social networks. Using push notifications avoids being tied in to an individual platform – what was big last week may not be this week.


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One final benefit of push notification ads on mobile devices is the ability to use geo-fence advertising. Simply put, a geo-fence is a virtual area surrounding a location or even a conference.

When the mobile device enters that area, the push notification will be delivered – how appealing would it be to get a special offer for a restaurant when you’re standing right outside it?

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