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Geoff Campbell

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Geoff Campbell

Job Title:

Enterprise Account Manager and Digital Strategist

Years of Experience:

20+ years in graphic and web design

10+ years in digital marketing

Formal Education:

Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Business, Emeritus Institute in association with MIT and Columbia School of Business

B.F.A. from the Emily Carr Institute of Fine Arts in Vancouver, BC



Best SEO Podcast Episode 595:

International SEO in Canada and other Niche Markets

Matt and I discuss my 12 year journey from podcast listener to EWR client to podcast guest, along with the challenges of doing international SEO and B2B marketing.  It’s been a remarkable journey of learning and growth along the way.  Give it a listen.

Geoff Campbell


Geoff is a data driven, results focused digital marketer who thrives on helping clients reach their business goals emboding the ethos of EWR Digital.  By bringing the design thinker’s toolbox to marketing challenges helps clients get the most out of their digital marketing. 

During his career Geoff has worked with both public and private sector organizations, big box retailers, international airports and in the global industrial equipment market. He has also been a digital media instructor and presenter at several WordPress conferences in both Canada and the USA.

Working with clients in both: Alberta & Ontario.

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Blogs Written by Geoff Campbell

These 7 Google Analytics Reports Help Increase Your ROI

These 7 Google Analytics Reports Help Increase Your ROI

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses to understand their website traffic and make data-driven marketing decisions. However, many business owners don’t know how to use the data provided by Google Analytics. To start, it’s important to verify that the account is configured correctly and that goals are set up to track important actions on the website, such as form submissions. There are many reports available in Google Analytics, but there are seven key reports that businesses should use to make informed marketing decisions.

The All Traffic report shows which sources are sending the most traffic to the website and how that traffic is performing. The Device Overview report shows how users are accessing the website and can help determine which types of content to create. The New Vs. Returning report compares how new and returning visitors interact with the website and can help determine which marketing campaigns to prioritize. The Channel report provides an overview of which marketing channels are performing the best and which ones need more attention.

Understanding the data in these reports can help businesses make informed decisions that positively impact their return on investment. For example, if organic traffic is engaging and converting well, businesses should continue with their SEO strategy. If paid ads are not converting at a high rate, they should be revised, and the call to action on the landing page changed. If new visitors are converting at a higher rate than returning visitors, businesses should consider implementing remarketing campaigns, social media marketing, and email marketing to drive more return visitors. Sharing conversion and financial information with the marketing agency can help them make the correct marketing decisions.