Beginner’s Guide To Pool Industry Marketing

Nov 18, 2018

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Adam Gregory

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Looking for a crash course on pool industry marketing? While there’s a slight learning curve for beginners, a good marketing strategy can dramatically increase your online visibility and directly contribute to more customers. But in order to do that, you’ve got to learn a thing or two about pool industry marketing. To start with the basics, here’s a beginner’s guide to pool industry marketing.

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Work on Your Website

The first and most important item in your pool industry marketing arsenal is your website design.

Think of it as the center of your marketing efforts.

Your website is often a customer’s first impression, so it’s important to look professional, be easy to read, and communicate your value up front.

Every homepage should have a clearly defined value proposition, especially in pool industry marketing. Tell your customers quickly and concisely why they should choose you over any other company. The sentiment of your company’s value proposition should be woven into all of your other marketing tactics.

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Make Sure You’re Easy to Reach

In pool industry marketing, you should be as easy as possible to reach. Have your location and contact information easy to find on every page of your website.

Having a contact form is also a great way to catch customers who are browsing the web outside of normal business hours. An additional way to improve your online visibility is to make sure you’re set up for Google My Business.

This helps you appear on Google Search, Maps, and lets you respond to reviews and showcase new products.

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Boost Your Organic Traffic

While the website is a huge part of pool industry marketing, you’ll still have to direct people there. This can be done a number of ways.

The two main ways to think of your traffic sources are:

  • organic traffic
  • paid traffic

You need to direct people to your website.

Organic traffic refers to internet users who reach your site thanks to their own search query. Organic users are typically the most valuable audience because they are actively searching for information related to your business. Paid traffic usually comes from email marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

The main way pool industry marketing plans generate organic traffic is through a blog. Pools are a large investment, and most people want to learn a thing or two before they reach for their wallet. If your blog provides in-depth information on finding a contractor, maintaining a pool, and other commonly asked questions, this will show readers that your company is knowledgeable, helpful, and trustworthy.

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A blog will also help drive searchers to your site with a little thing called SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When your website answers commonly searched questions like “how to winterize a pool,” Google bumps you up in its search results. Rather than stuffing your blogs with sales pitches, provide users with relevant information to build a good relationship.

Implement Email Marketing and PPC Ads

But a blog is only part of the equation. Paid ads and email marketing are also huge traffic drivers in pool industry marketing schemes. Email lists and pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords can help your company show up next to relevant searches and drive traffic to your site. You can even draw users in with a special offer on your ad.

Instead of stuffing your blog with sales pitches, provide users with relevant, valuable information to build trust.

However, you get the most bang for your buck with paid advertising if your efforts are targeted. Be sure to target and retarget often in order to better reach relevant customers rather than wasting your efforts on those with no pool-purchasing potential (like apartment dwellers or college students).

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Don’t Forget Social Media Marketing

Finally, social media is a major player in a great pool industry marketing plan. Social media allows you to create relationships with customers and show some personality.

Fun and engaging posts on Instagram and Facebook can encourage customers to interact with you and tag you in their posts– Hello, free marketing!

Stay in touch with the seasons and trends to keep your audience engaged.

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Pool industry marketing involves a number of avenues that are all intricately connected. And it’s no easy feat to keep up with it all on your own.  If you’re looking for an expert in pool industry marketing, EWR Digital can help. Contact us today and request a 15-minute call with one of our experts. Give us a call at 713-592-6724 to get started!

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