The Basics Of Pool Company SEO

Nov 29, 2018

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For a beginner, creating strong pool company SEO can be kind of a mystery. But companies miss a huge opportunity when they neglect SEO on their site. While it takes a good amount of research and work, keeping SEO in mind throughout your site can dramatically increase your online visibility and directly contribute to more customers.

Pool Company SEO is the Key to Success

Pool Company SEO

To start with the basics, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google are pretty smart, but they still need help decoding your site so they can serve it up to the right internet users.

To help search engines find you, you’ll have to know a little bit about what keywords you should be planting throughout your site.

Finding the right keywords to use is where the real research comes in. You can use Google Trends for free to figure out what industry-related terms people are searching for. And you can even narrow your results to show trends from your area.

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While Google Trends is a great tool, it takes a little more work to find out which keywords are the best for you capitalize on. Paid tools like SEMrush can help you figure that out much faster and give you insights on your paid advertising as well.

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High Search Volume, Low Competition

However, if you’re dead set on doing it for free, the most important sentiment of organic SEO is this: high search, low competition.

Use keywords that are highly searched, but don’t turn up so many results that your blog posts get lost in the noise. That’s the goal.

Use highly searched keywords with low competition.

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What are Long Tail Keywords?

The best way to find that sweet spot is to use “long tail” keywords.

Long tail keywords are phrases made up of 3-5 words, while short tail keywords are just 1-2 words long. In pool company SEO, a short tail keyword might be “Pool PH,” while a long tail keyword might be “Pool PH testing kit.” At this point, a blog post on the top five recommended pool PH testing kits might be your next move.

Once you get accustomed to it, pool company SEO is fairly intuitive. Consider who your target audience is and what they might be looking for so you can better serve them. Over time, a healthy stream of new, high-quality content on a regular basis will boost your traffic significantly.

Organic search traffic (users finding your site through their search query) is much more powerful than paid advertising because users are actually choosing to visit your site. But when you combine pay-per-click advertising and SEO, your pool company can become unstoppable.

When should I use short tail keywords?

While long tail keywords are great for organic SEO, short tail keywords can be a great tool for pay-per-click advertising. When users in your area search broad terms like “pool contractor,” your ad is more likely to show up if that exists somewhere in the text.

Think About Your Audience

Optimizing your pool company SEO will also help you gain better insights into your potential customers. Using Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track what type of content brings visitors to your site and what services they’re most attracted to. With enough information over time, you can alter your website and market your services to better reach your customer’s needs and find new ones.

However, it’s important to remember that SEO optimization doesn’t lead to direct sales overnight. Pool company SEO requires strategic planning and ongoing management to grow your audience and convert readers into loyal customers.

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It’s hard to keep up with quality pool company SEO on your own. If you’re looking for an expert in pool business SEO, EWR Digital can help. Contact us today and schedule a 15-minute call with one of our experts. Give us a call at 713-592-6724 to get started!

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