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May 30, 2018

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Qays Zubaidi

Senior Web Developer

You finally did it! After many years of hard work, your construction business is up and running. Now you might be thinking about web design and the cost of building a website. How much does it cost to build a website, anyway? Read on to learn the cost of web design and the things you should consider when getting a website design.

Are You Thinking About Web Design?

What do you want from your website?

Free Templates vs. Professionally Built

If you’ve been thinking about web design, you’re no doubt wondering, “Could I get away with a free template? Or should I hire someone to build it for me?”

While that is a great question to ask, a better question is: “What do I want to get from my website?”

You can’t know for certain what your web design cost will be until you know what you want your website to do.

See How the Pros Do It!

Websites need to be more than online brochures.

What Should My Website Do?

In the early days of the internet, websites were purely online brochures. They might have listed a few things and had some pictures. That was all a website needed then. Now, with everyone putting out a website things have changed. Just having a website is not going to cut it.

Your web design has to be done in such way that it:

When deciding between DIY and Pro, think about time.

Do You Have The Time

Another important question to ask yourself when deciding between DIY and Pro is “Do I have the time?”

Do you have the time to learn the web design template?

Do you have the time to fix things should they break?

What if there is no simple fix for your web design problem? Would you have the time to sit with tech support on the phone to get things working again?

Suppose you do some research and decide you’d like to use WordPress? That’s great! WordPress has a lot of free or inexpensive tools to get your website going. However, learning the tools WordPress has to offer might eat up so much of your day that you can’t conduct essential business. Hiring a professional web designer allows you to spend your time doing what you do best – running your business.

Do You Want More Time for Your Business?

A web design professional can tailor your website to your business and industry.

The Benefits of Going Pro For Your Website Design

While it may cost more than a few bucks there are several benefits of using a professional website designer.

  • A web design professional can tailor your website to your business and industry
  • They can create engaging content that will generate leads and website traffic
  • If they do website marketing as well, they can use SEO and local SEO to ensure your Google listing is on page one of the search results.

The biggest benefit is teaching skills. Your web designer can build you the website you need in WordPress and then teach you to use all the features it has to offer. That way you’ll get a website at a price you like with lessons on how to use it. It’s the best of both worlds!

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EWR Digital has been around since 1999, so we know the ins and outs of awesome web design. We’ve seen it all and know what works to bring you leads, web traffic, and sales. If you’re considering getting a website or know you need a better one, call us at (713) 592-6724 or click below to start getting the results you want.

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