Going Viral: The Secret To Videos That Skyrocket Exposure

By Ivan Maya

By Ivan Maya

Ivan Maya is EWR Digital's Videographist. Read Ivan's blogs, and find out more about what EWR Digital can do for you in Corporate Videography and Digital Marketing.

Creating viral videos for a business is a lot more challenging than just putting up cute puppies and kitten videos. To drive maximum ROI from your video marketing efforts, you have to think outside the box.

So what does it take to make a viral video?

How can your content reach the masses?

With over 4 billion views on YouTube every day, there’s a lot of scope to promote your ideas. Many people tend to believe that viral marketing is based on luck.

It’s a blend of science and art that requires expert thought, production experience, and marketing genius. Wanna know the secret sauce to video marketing? Keep reading.

Here are some ideas to make extraordinary videos:

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1. Think Beyond Your Product or Service

If you want to create a viral video, you must leave your product or service behind and think bigger.

Viral videos go beyond your pricing, features, or benefits; they tell a story.

Not a regular one, but an inspirational or emotional one that connects with the audience. Rather than jumping to the sales of your product, think about raising brand awareness positively.

For instance, if you look at this Reebok video below – they are not talking about their sports outfits or quality of their shoes.

Instead, they are encouraging viewers to do more with the days that they’re alive. This kind of motivation goes a long way in making videos viral. It connects with their audience.

Reebok 25,915 Days

2. Focus on Real Emotions & Real Stories

Sometimes, sharing real brand stories can work wonders in viral marketing. Stories with an emotional connection – be it happy, sad, or encouraging – hold the key to make people watch your entire video.

If your viewers can connect with your story, they get emotionally invested and it becomes a part of their memories.

Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine video was a huge success back in 2010, wherein they put a smile on college students faces. The concept was creative, emotional, and relevant with real customers – making it a success.

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

3. Do the Unexpected

Purple Cow - EWR Digital

In other words, be the purple cow. In a world where everyone expects a white or a brown cow, a purple cow steals the spotlight.

When planning or executing a video, think of doing something that your customers won’t expect. It will make them stop and think about your brand and talk about it for a while.

For instance, this Dove video sends an exceptional message about beauty to its customers. It gives them the power to choose how they perceive themselves. And this unexpected idea has the knack to become viral.


Viral marketing is a lot more than a great story, touching emotion and unexpected revelations. It is also about the promotion, strategy, format, and value.

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Tips for Effective Video Marketing

1. Have a Clear Message

Simple and precise content works like magic in viral marketing. Before you begin, define what your video will talk about and make sure you can communicate that point as clearly as possible.

2. Choose the Right Format

When you want users to share your video, the format has to be right. Think about how your customers will watch your video. For instance, people watch almost 85% of Facebook videos without the sound on.

With over 1.09 billion mobile users daily, you need mobile-optimized videos that attract attention within the first few frames.

3. Release on a Weekday

Red shot - EWR Digital

A lot of us watch videos at work. When you release your videos on a Monday or Tuesday, it has the entire week to go viral.

Weekends are the speed breakers of viral marketing. Mondays may be a little busy for most people, as they’re catching up on emails and meetings. Tuesdays can work great if it is a slow day in terms of no major breaking news.

Also, try to avoid releasing your videos during the holidays when people are away and might not use their phones and laptops as much.

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

The first thing viewers do when they play a video is notice the duration. If it’s above 10 minutes, very few will watch it. Less than 2 minutes, you’ve got a shot. Only 30 seconds – why not?

Keep videos short and sweet

Try to make your video as short as possible while keeping the story and emotions alive. Remember that short videos tend to spread faster and gain more exposure.

5.  The Smaller Details

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Sure, we all want to create viral-worthy videos. But when you want them to become a social media sensation, you must think about the smaller details too.

For example, create an interesting branded thumbnail. For websites that don’t allow auto play, your thumbnail will be the first point of contact. Create a thumbnail that best demonstrates your video and urges people to click.

Next, don’t forget a strong and powerful headline supported with stimulating copy.

6. After Hitting Publish

There’s a lot to do even after you hit publish after all your hard work. Study the analytics of your video and keep learning from your audiences to deliver better viral content in the future.

So how can you guarantee a viral video? You can’t.

There is no assured formula for the success of viral marketing. Yet, when you focus on the right aspects, promote your video on relevant mediums and tell a compelling story, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

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