8 Brilliant Pool Company Marketing Ideas

Pool company marketing can be tough, but a little creativity can take your pool business a long way. Check out these 8 excellent ideas for pool company marketing below.

1) Retarget your ads

In pool company marketing, retargeting is crucial. Rather than waiting for your ideal audience to find you, you can meet them wherever they are online. Using Facebook’s Custom Audiences or Google AdWords, you can place a snippet of code on your site that drops a cookie in your visitor’s web history. Then, your ads will be displayed to people who have already expressed an interest in your business and hopefully drive them back for another look.

2) Tap into video

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so having video as part of your pool company marketing scheme can greatly increase your chances of being found online. Simple videos on pool cleaning and maintenance tips are highly searched and incredibly valuable to your audience.

Placing your company’s logo in the bottom corner of the video and linking to your site in the description box can help drive more traffic to your site and increase your visibility.

[An exmaple of an informational video we created for one of our clients]

3) Maintain a good blog

It’s hard to deny the important role SEO plays in pool company marketing. These days, most people will Google a question before walking into a store and asking an expert. Answering those common queries will bump you up in search results and help you build trust with your target audience.

4) Use Infographics

Internet users like to obtain information as quickly as possible. To help make your text more engaging and easier to follow, try incorporating infographics into your site to explain complicated ideas. Not only are they visually appealing, but they’re easy to share on social media as well.

An infographic is simply a large image full of information – or your information laid out in an attractive, visual format.

5) Ask customers for referrals and testimonials

When customers have a positive experience with you, don’t be afraid to ask them to talk about it. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful pool company marketing tools you can use. Good customer service is essential.

Testimonials can be shared on social media, added to your site, or you can even offer a discount or perk to those referred by a friend.

6) Ask your audience to interact with you

Social media works best when it’s a two-way conversation. Invite your audience to interact with you on Facebook and Instagram by asking questions, inviting them to tag you in their posts, and offering online-only specials or competitions.

pool company marketing

7) Use inspirational quotes on social media

Inspirational quotes can be a bit cheesy, but when done right, are shared much more often than any other kind of post on social media. Posting images featuring quotes about summer fun, family time, or relaxation can help your audience associate your business with these positive themes and do wonders for your pool company marketing plan.

8) Hire EWR Digital as Your Pool Company Marketing Service

Finally, you should hire an expert marketing service. It’s hard to keep up with quality pool company marketing on your own. If you’re looking for an expert in pool business SEO, EWR Digital can help. Contact us today and request a 15-minute call with one of our experts. Give us a call at 713-592-6724 to get started!

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