Case Study on Improving SEO and User Experience for Pool Company

Manning Pool Service


increase in organic
traffic year over year

Top 3

ranking for phrase
“Pool Service Houston”

Website Design Case Study


Manning old pool company website was visually outdated, but it had an even bigger problem — the framework it was built on was no longer being updated.

If they were to continue to compete through online pool marketing and grow their business they needed a website that would provide them the flexibility needed to execute on their digital marketing strategies.

But launching a new website carries a lot of inherent risks, especially for a website that was ranking really well for their target keywords.

So, we outlined 3 core issues this new website would need to solve:


Each core goal had measurable objectives.

Visually Appealing

  • The website needed to be fully responsive
  • The visual elements of the website needed to match modern website design standards (large header text, lots of imagery, proper use of white space between sections)

Flexible Framework

  • Build on WordPress
  • Use Modern Visual Builder
  • No boxed content

Improve SEO Rankings

  • Don’t drop in keyword rankings after site launches
  • Improve organic traffic by 20% within 6 months of launching

Strategy & Tactics

The overall strategy was to build an entirely new website from the ground up. We didn’t want legacy frameworks and code bases to prevent us from being able to deliver a flexible framework.

We started by utilizing the WordPress Divi Theme Builder as the framework for creating a new website. We then created wireframes and mockups for all major pages of the website. This allowed us to implement a fully responsive design that matched the design standards of today.

Because organic traffic is vital to the health and success of their business, we took an unconventional approach to the website build process. We essentially ‘re-skinned’ their current website with the new framework, launched the new website, and then updated content and page layouts after Google had successfully indexed the new website.

We also made sure to keep all URLs and content the same during the initial launch. So, to Google’s eyes the website was still the same website as before (even though the visuals of the website were updated).

Finally after Google had successfully indexed the new website we started the process of updating the layout and content of key pages.

Message Alignment

Manning Pool Service could not afford a drop in their organic rankings. A large percentage of their business is generated through organic leads, so a drop in rankings would have had an immediate impact on the business.

Before the project even began we walked the client through our plan and ensured them this plan would help them accomplish all their objectives.

The old website already converted well so we knew the content was resonating with their target audience. When we did update the content for the new website we made sure it matched the tone and style of the previous content.


  • 52% increase in organic traffic analytics year over year (goal was 20%).
  • Bounce rate saw a 10% decrease in overall organic traffic year over year.
  • Page Views Increased by 58% year over year.
  • Page sessions went up almost 9% year over year.
  • Average sessions increased by 45%.

There was also an increase in keyword rankings across the board. Prior to the website update the website was in the top 3 for Houston specific terms (ex. 1st in Houston for ‘Pool Service Houston’). Now the website ranks well for local searches without having to add Houston into the search query (ex. The website is in the top 3 when you search ‘Pool Service’ while in Houston)

Finally, there was an increase in leads due to an increase in website conversions.

This was all done without any sudden drop in rankings during the website launch.

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