Case Study: Boosting Local SEO

Cajun Encounters
increase in GMB traffic
year over year
Top 3
for keyword phrase
“Swamp Tour New Orleans”
Local SEO Case Study


Cajun Encounters wanted to increase bookings by ranking in the local 3 pack for the keyword phrase “Swamp Tour New Orleans”. The website already ranked 1st in organic search. However, traffic directly from their Google My Business (GMB) converted at a higher conversion rate — not to mention the monthly search volume for the keyword phrase is around 15k. They engaged EWR Digital for their SEO expertise.


The objective was to boost their GMB into the local 3 pack using foundational local SEO strategies. They meant bringing unique local content to the GMB, answering questions users had, and technical optimizations.

Strategy & Tactics

To boost their GMB we developed and executed the following strategy:

  • Updated Nap Listings
  • Optimized their GMB
  • Fixed any duplicate or wrong listings
  • Published weekly blogs on GMB – related to New Orleans + Related topics that matched the keyword
  • Added in new FAQs for GMB
  • Competitor link building

Message Alignment

To boost rankings, a GMB needs content relevant to the location of the business. To do this, we created weekly blogs written to help people who are visiting New Orleans (which is the target audience for the business). Topics ranged from recommended hotels to the best places to eat.

By focusing on content for New Orleans tourists, we showed that Cajun Encounters has a deep understanding of the area and is a vital resource for those visiting the city. Google recognizes content like this, so it not only helped their target audience, it also helped boost their GMB up the rankings.


We met the objective of moving them into the local 3 pack + more.

Currently they are 3rd in the local 3 pack, and traffic for their GMB in Google analytics is up 98% year over year.

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