YouTube Advertising Case Study

Critter Control

1.5 MIllion

total views between all videos
during the year

YouTube Campaign Case Study


Critter Control, a nation-wide wildlife removal company, wanted to grow their brand through video content on YouTube. Up until now the company had not utilized their YouTube channel much (having only uploaded 2 videos over a 5 year span).


The objective was to create a series of videos that would help promote the brand and provide meaningful content to their target audience.

Strategy & Tactics

The video series would comprise of the following videos:

  • Critter Control Commercial (1 video)
  • Our Process (1 video)
  • FAQs (8 videos)
  • Home Owners Guides (2 videos)

The commercial would highlight information about what Critter Control does, which animals it services, and an overview of the customer journey.

The process video would provide an in-depth guide into the customer journey so customers understand what to expect when they contact Critter Control.

FAQ videos were created based on the most common questions asked by customers. Each video answers a specific question.

Finally, the home owners guides are in-depth videos about a particular subject — such as getting rid of rats.

Message Alignment

When customers have unwanted wildlife on their property they tend to get nervous and worried about how it’s affecting their home. Because of that, we wanted to make sure the videos had a friendly, yet professional tone to them — which is why you see a professional wildlife removal expert in every video.

We also wanted to help ease any worries customers may have. This meant having videos which were easy to understand and clearly stated how their issues would be addressed.


Combined, the videos have been viewed over 1.5 million times.

The high number of views has provided Critter Control critical data and insights into their brand.

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