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Brand Guide Case Study


BitWallet is a platform for storing and transactioning with people with different cryptocurrencies (and soon to be an exchange as well for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies). They had an app but no online presence and just a placeholder website. This was preventing them from raising money and affecting the legitimacy of the app as well as the positioning of the overall brand. They were ready to bring their brand mainstream.


To ensure brand consistency, we needed to document the basic elements of the brand, such as colors, typography, text hierarchy. We also had to consider the nature of their business when developing the rest of the Brand Guide and the “look” they wanted to achieve across all marketing materials.

Since their entire business is run through a mobile app, it was essential they presented the app in a consistent manner. This meant providing guidelines on which devices were approved for use in marketing materials, and when those materials needed to be updated.

Strategy & Tactics

For the basic elements of the brand, we utilized color theory and typography standards to inform our decisions. However, those decisions were not made in a vacuum. To ensure the brand resonated with BitWallet’s target audience, we had in-depth discussions with them as well as looking at analytics data and download demographics to ensure we intimately understood the people who would be interacting with the brand.

For the advanced elements of the brand, such as the device mockup section, we combined technical expertise with mass market insights. This meant understanding which devices BitWallet customers were typically using, and staying abreast of how quickly other brands were updating their marketing materials when new devices were released.

Message Alignment

Must users of BitWallet are tech savvy and place an emphasis on being at the cutting-edge of the newest trends. This information informed us that the BitWallet brand needed to look and feel like a high-end product.

Throughout the Brand Guide we made sure to emphasize the clean, white-space heavy, minimalistic style often found in high end technical devices. Doing so provides familiarity for users while also making them feel like they’re utilizing technology ahead of it’s time.


Once the Brand Guide was developed, we utilized it to create a handful of marketing materials for BitWallet, including a comprehensive business plan and a new website. The presentation of this new brand guide far exceeded what BitWallet was currently using. They adopted the changes we suggested not only to their new business/plan pitch deck, but they also made changes to the app based on what we came up with. Within a month of finalizing the business plan and website they secured over $500,000 in funding and are currently in an active series A round.

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