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Elite MMA is a top mixed martial arts (MMA) training facility in the greater Houston area with five locations. Experts in the instruction of jiu-jitsu (also known as the “gentle art”), Elite MMA offers a range of classes, such as self-defense, Muay Thai, and kick-boxing in a fun positive environment.

Elite MMA approached EWR Digital with a request to produce a short video for a facebook ad campaign during an important part of the year for attracting new enrollments.

The client requested that the video be written, produced and edited specifically for the facebook platform. MMA wanted the video to feature the core service offering of the brand but really focus on the overall social, physical and self-defense benefits of Mixed Martial Arts outside of competitive fighting.


Video views were an important campaign metric but the client was really focused on conversions. The core goal of the campaign was to convert at least 10 viewers to paid students to cover the cost of the video production, the ad buy and provide a profitable return on investment for the marketing investment.

Strategy & Tactics

We set out to produce a short but impactful video that had high-production value in keeping with the quality standards of the Elite MMA brand.

Engagement was key to meet the project’s conversion objectives. Our video team understood that making the first few second’s count would be critically important to avoid viewer skips or click-aways. To accomplish this, we started with a high-impact opening visual followed by a series of quick-edit action shots to encourage viewer interest. The video was edited in a manner that stood on its own without audio. Text overlays were added throughout communicating key pieces of information.

The length of the video was edited with strict adherence to under thirty seconds to ensure facebook viewers watched most of the video to increase efficacy and engagement and thus lower the price-per-click cost.

Finally, the video ends with a call-to-action to visit the website to sign-up for a complimentary session.

Message Alignment

With a flurry of quick edits over a frenetic music bed, the video showcases the different programs that Elite MMA has to offer to a variety of age groups and genders.

We had a wealth of great footage to work with from our shoot and made sure to showcase the brand, particularly highlighting the benefits of empowerment, physical fitness and self-discipline.


Within a 30-day campaign window, the video reached 185,000 residents in the Houston area. From those viewers, 19 new students enrolled at Elite MMA clearly achieving the objective and almost doubling the target!

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