Case Study: Successfully GTM Product Launch

Red-D-Arc (an Airgas Company)


increase in leads


facility opened to meet new demand

Marketing Campaign Case Study


Red-D-Arc Welderentals, an Airgas Company, was launching a new product, the BotX Robotic Welder, targeting manufacturing companies who were struggling with labor shortages due a decrease in the number of skilled welders in the marketplace. This presented a unique marketing challenge. In order to connect with the owners of manufacturing companies that were their target market, they would need to overcome existing preconceptions around the cost and complexity of welding robotics. The BotX Welder was a next generation robotic welder that could help manufacturers bridge the labor gap and improve the output of their plant.


In order for the product launch to be a success, the marketing campaign would need to accomplish the following:

  • Promote awareness of the product itself
  • Communicate how the product helped address labor shortage issues
  • Clearly explain how the BotX is much easier to learn and use than previous robotic welders
  • Drive rentals, leases, and purchases of the product

Strategy & Tactics

To accomplish the objectives we developed a holistic marketing campaign.

We started by focusing on the buying section of the funnel, and identified two areas where customers would start the buying process — Facebook and a BotX landing page. With that knowledge in mind, we worked backwards and developed the list of ad related collateral we would need:

As we built out those pieces of collateral, we also consulted with the Red-D-Arc team to develop the ad strategy.

The plan was to test the ads on multiple channels, Facebook (lead ads), LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Display and Google Search ads, and then adjust based on the data. Multiple versions of the landing page and capture form were developed and tested as well.

Message Alignment

For the BotX campaign to be successful it needed to speak to the pain points of manufacturing business owners. We targeted the three main areas:

  • The shortage of available skilled welders in the workforce
  • The difficulty of hitting production targets or increasing output capacity due to the labor shortage
  • Limited confidence to bid on larger projects – you don’t want to take on bigger contracts if you’re not confident you can deliver on time

The landing page and all ads were designed to tap into these pain points and highlight how the BotX welder can help solve them. Research was conducted to find out which types of companies were posting positions for welders, and then the ads were targeted towards business owners and manufacturing managers in these key industries. Our goal was to help manufacturers understand that this next-generation robotic welding system was unlike others they might have previously worked with, and that it had the potential to expand their manufacturing capacity.


The number of cold ad leads generated leaped over 90% to 200+ leads per month during the first few months, which was way higher than anyone expected. In fact, Red-D-Arc expanded their sales team and opened a new robotics center in Atlanta so they could handle the sudden surge of interest in their new offering.

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