Corporate Identity Case Study


$2+ Million

Raised since start of campaign

Corporate Identity Case Study


BitWallet was looking to raise another round of funding for it’s crypto service. However, securing investments for a business in a relatively new and unknown market is extremely difficult.

In order to secure funding, BitWallet needed to position itself as a market leader and demonstrate it’s service was being widely adopted.


The overall objective was to help BitWallet secure additional funding. To accomplish that we needed to Increase their brand’s appearance and help them market to early adopters.

Strategy & Tactics

To increase their brand’s appearance we first analyzed the current state of their brand. While their marketing collateral was visually consistent, there were some areas that needed improvement.

The two areas we identified were their social media presence and the app store images. For social media we developed the strategy, created the images, and provided the copy for their social posts. We then focused on updating their app store images to ensure they could compete with the visuals other market leaders were using.

In addition, we updated their business plan booklet to keep it relevant and visually consistent.

When it came to marketing to early adopters we designed a sales book, counter table tent card, business focused leave behind and window sticker that they would provide to businesses who were interested in accepting crypto payments. We also updated their business cards so they would match the sales book and sticker.

Message Alignment

There were two target audiences — early adopters and investors.

For the early adopters we made sure the sales book looked modern and accessible. We knew the early adopters would already know a bit about crypto so the content of the sales book focused on the benefits of the BitWallet system (instead of having to educate the business on what crypto was).

We aligned the social media campaign messaging to focus on Bitcoin education and “how to” info centered around downloading, setting up an account and the BitWallet app functionality. This would help BitWallet be an authority on the topic of Bitcoin and gain trust with their audience.

For investors, we made sure the business plan had the right mix of professionalism with enough personality of the brand. We knew investors look through business plans all the time so this one needed to stand out. Also, we focused on charts and other visual elements to make sure the information presented in the book could be digested quickly.


BitWallet has raised over $2+ million since we started working on their brand.

In addition to raising money, BitWallet was also able to secure a partnership with Baanx, allowing them to grow their business by accepting new alt-coins.

Finally, the campaign improved the visual consistency for their brand across all channels.

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