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Product Design Case Study


In a crowded market of products, MyVitalC was looking to create a distinct advantage and unique selling proposition to lure customers away from their competitors. Current offerings on similar products had three downsides:

  • It required customers to use a teaspoon (that they had to provide themselves) to consume the product
  • Consuming the product was messy
  • Products were marketed as one bottle = one month supply. However, taking the recommended dosage yielded only 24 days of product use.

A new offering from MyVitalC would solve all of those issues by creating a package of 30, single-dose packets. The packets can be consumed without a teaspoon, there’s no mess, and it provides a true monthly supply.

After MyVitalC had decided on the concept for a product line extension. They hired EWR Digital to assist in the new product design and promotion rollout.


The primary objective was to make a product that is convenient, not messy, and covers a full month supply. In addition, MyVitalC wanted packaging that offered extra real estate so they could put external marketing messaging on the package and large internal marketing inserts. Finally, this new product needed to maintain brand consistency throughout the single dosing packets and packaging.

Strategy & Tactics

EWR started by consulting the client through the development process. Originally, gel caps were considered, but it was determined 5ml gel caps would be too large and the consumer would be required to take 4 – 5 pills per day. Eventually, the unique packaging concept of plastic capsules was developed. This solution would appeal to the consumer for its convenience, exact 30 day supply, and portability.

Once the plastic capsules were developed, EWR Digital designed the box that the capsules would be stored in. The box needed to hold 6 strips of 5 capsules each and have enough room for inserts. One insert created for the initial launch was a calendar for customers to track their progress as it relates to the benefits they might experience on the product. This insert acted as a promotional tool since customers would track their progress and share it with their sphere of influence.

Message Alignment

MyVitalC is an industry leader when it comes to the C60 market. Developing this new, unique product allowed them to showcase they understand the pain points of customers in this market and were actively improving the product and delivery system. This also provided a platform for a renewed marketing push to expand the marketing and engagement with existing customers.


In the first 4 months, sales of the new product averaged ~$4,000 per month (which is about 18,000 capsules per month). The new product didn’t cannibalize sales, and instead boosted sales of all products. In those same 4 months, total sales went from an average of $18,000 per month to $45,000 per month.

Since launching, customers continue to share how convenient the packaging is and how much they enjoy using it, and EWR has continued working with the client to develop additional branding for new product formulations and promotions.

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