6 Tips on Building a Relatable Brand for Small Businesses

May 26, 2021

57% of consumers think brands aren’t authentic. If your brand is authentic, how can it be relatable?

Crafting a relatable brand is possible. Small business is all about connecting with people on personal levels.

Using this guide, you will learn essential tips to upgrade your branding through a strong digital marketing strategy to grow your business.

1. Build From Within

The best place to begin creating a relatable brand starts with your staff. Why do the people you employ work for your small business? How do your team’s values contribute to the corporate identity of your brand?

Building a brand for your business starts from within the industry. You need to know the why of your employees if your company has an unclear mission or purpose. You can find this purpose in your people.

Consider an identity workshop to get your team to open up. You’ll likely find a common thread that unites your employees beyond a shared workspace. If you lack a brand mission, finding this shared purpose can define that for your company.

Relatable Brand Teamwork - EWR Digital

2. Connect With a Cause

Whether you search within your staff or already have a cause, connect to it openly. Your brand might have untapped sub-niches in sustainability, service, quality, innovation, or something else. These values offer ways to boost your digital marketing strategy authentically.

A relatable brand has a common cause. If you manufacture products with attention to ecological impact, consumers want to know. If you employ BIPOC or other minorities, connect with this cause.

Whether these causes were intentional or not, they are part of your brand’s voice. Your employees need to know this is part of the company culture as much as consumers do. Share your cause and how your company contributes to it.

3. Use Customer Voices

Talking to customers may already be a large part of your small business. Use these conversations to build a relatable brand. Your customer’s voices offer many chances to show your cause and brand voice.

A loud brand voice shows customers how much you care about them. When you consider your consumers’ voices, be transparent. Respond to good feedback as much as negative feedback.

Use customer frustration as a growth opportunity. Make your response to customers’ needs interactive. Leverage complaints with photos and videos that address frequently asked questions.

Teach customers how to make the most of your products and services. The more you demonstrate your consideration for their needs, the more relatable your brand. Be transparent about your communication with customers, too.

Additionally, share their concerns or appreciation. Show gratitude for loyal customers as much as direct responses to any issues presented. The more you communicate, the more people see the reliability of your brand.

4. Share Your Values

Do your customers know about your brand mission? If not, you can share it with them using social media marketing. Social media serves small businesses if they know how to use it.

You can share your reactions to consumers’ issues on social media. You can also offer personal takes on your team and the cause(s) your company identifies with. Talking to customers is easier on social media, too.

You can interact with your consumers more, increasing your reliability. If you share your values in photos and videos, do so outside of the office space, too. Show customers a staff initiative like volunteering for a brand or mission-related service.

Relatable Brand Marketing - EWR Digital

5. Enrich Consumer’s Feeds

When you share your mission with consumers, do so in meaningful ways. Don’t merely share acts of charity to garner attention. Customers will catch onto this virtue signaling.

Instead, enrich customers’ feeds with authentic content. Show your goods and services in action, making a difference in people’s lives, or spotlight educational parts of the development of your company’s interests.

When you share enriching information about your company, you present as a relatable brand. You can offer enriching content in regular blog posts. This provides a chance to enhance your content marketing.

It also gives you a chance to create an interactive series with consumers. For example, you could set up recurring posts addressing questions about your brand. These spark dialogue with customers and share personable information about your brand.

6. Remain Consistent

Whatever brand identity you present, you must remain consistent. Consumers find a brand unrelatable when it changes message and voice too often. To avoid appearing inauthentic, make sure you plan your branding strategies.

Inconsistent branding turns consumers off. If they cannot identify what your small business does, they can’t relate to it. You can remain unique for your industry without becoming unrecognizable.

To remain consistent, you should include branding in your digital marketing strategy. Make sure any social media or other content remains on-brand, too. Anything you produce to market your brand should be identifiable with your business.

Your logos and icons should not look like other companies’ logos. Your color scheme should also stand out as unique to your brand. This does not mean you should explore entirely new colors, but ones that communicate what your business does.

How We Can Help You Craft a Relatable Brand

At EWR Digital, our goal is to help your brand. We want consumers to recognize your small business and connect with your voice. We understand the ins and outs of crafting a relatable brand, so you don’t have to.

Standing out as authentic in today’s saturated digital market requires an expert’s hand. Our professional marketing services can meet all of your branding needs. Our industry experience offers us a healthy perspective on the best ways to personalize your brand.

Reach out to us today to help consumers connect with your small business in a whole new way.