Become A Household Name! 10 Critical Tips For Building A Brand

Mar 20, 2019

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Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is a award-winning marketing consultant and SEO Expert. He is the lead digital strategist at EWR Digital. Host of the Best SEO Podcast and Co-Host of the Oil and Gas sales and marketing podcast.

You’re not just making a sale. You’re not just placing an ad. You’re not just writing a blog post.

You’re building a brand in everything you do. You get to decide how to build that brand. You get to define what that brand is.

Don’t make it any brand. Don’t copy another brand. Make it your brand.

Make it a brand with a purpose. Make it a brand that gives before it takes.

Make it a brand that knows who it’s for. Make it a brand that stands out.

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10 Tips for Building Your Brand

Check out these 10 crucial tips to establish your brand:

1. Know Your Why

Business is full of challenges. Every day presents a new set of problems.

Competition is fierce. You have to earn every customer with hard work and perseverance.

Before creating a brand, find your why.

A sense of meaning and purpose gets you past these obstacles. It propels you to climb the mountain.

What’s fueling you? Why does your business exist? What is all this work for?

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These answers are crucial. The answers aren’t what you write in a mission statement. Instead, they drape over everything you do.

They are what you do. They are how you do it. They are why you do it.

Before you create a brand, find your why. Clarify it. Understand it.

Then, live it.

2. Don’t Try to Be for Everyone

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We crave validation. We run from rejection. That’s human nature.

You want everyone to like your business. You want rave reviews. You want every potential customer to say yes to your services.

You need to fight these instincts if you want to build a remarkable brand. Your services aren’t for everyone.

Your services aren’t for everyone.

Defining who your services aren’t for is just as important as defining your target audience. If you try to serve everyone, you make every decision down the middle.

You don’t stand proudly for anything. You create a bland business instead of a trusted brand.

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3. Define Your Target Audience

Every aspect of your business adds up to your brand. Your customers are a crucial piece of your brand.

You can’t build your brand if you don’t know who it’s for. Who are you serving? Who are you selling to?

Who is your target audience? What are their problems? What do they believe?

Branding starts with your target audience. Who are they? What are their problems? What type of company would they align with? What do they believe?

You can’t answer these questions if you don’t know your target audience.

4. Get to Know Your Audience

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You’ve defined your target audience. You know who your business is for.

But do you really know your audience? Do you know how they talk and think? Do you know what your customers want? Do you know their hopes, dreams, and fears?

Or do you think you know them? Are you making assumptions about what they like?

Let your customers tell you if your assumptions are correct.

Let your customers tell you if your assumptions are right. Find them and connect with them. Get inside their minds.

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5. Find Your Audience

You want to dig deeper into your target audience. You want to understand their needs and wants. But how do you find your audience?

Go to where your audience is hanging out. See what questions they’re asking on Quora. Use keyword research to see what solutions they’re searching for.

Check out the blogs they read. Figure out what social media platforms they’re using. Tune into the conversations they’re having on those platforms.

Maybe your target clients are local. Where do they hang out on weekends? Do they go to conferences or events?

6. Find Your Voice

You know your target audience. You know what they want. Now it’s time to find your voice.

Your voice represents your brand. It is the embodiment of your brand.

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What is your business like? Is it serious? Fun? Laid-back? Playful? Analytical?

How does your business behave on a day to day basis? How does it deal with problems? How does it interact with customers?

Your voice is the embodiment of your brand.

When your business has a clear and developed voice, people get to know your business in a deeper way. This will turn some people off.

That’s fine. Your business isn’t for them.

Your target audience will connect with your voice. They will feel like you’re talking specifically to them.

They will trust and support your business. They will say yes!

7. Get Your Message Out

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You can’t build a brand if your message doesn’t get to your audience.

There are an endless amount of things vying for the attention of your customers. And your customers are busy.

How will you cut through that noise and connect? For starters, your message needs to be compelling. It needs to be interesting.

It needs to provide value. It needs to show you’re an authority. It needs to build trust and credibility.

Your message must show your authority, provide value, and be compelling and interesting.

Your message will not resonate if it doesn’t do all these things. If you check all these boxes, you still need to reach your audience.

Find the marketing channels that work best for your market. Become an expert at using those channels to get your message out. Or find an expert.

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8. Provide Value

The best brands have loyal customers who stick with them for years. They have customers who love their products. They have customers who spread the word for them.

To get those customers, you need to provide a reason for them to become ambassadors for your products. That reason is value.

Solve their problems. Teach them. Entertain them.

Help them become who they want to be. Always provide value. And they’ll give you their unwavering support.

9. Be Consistent

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Don’t do branding only when it’s time to advertise and market.

Stamp your brand on everything you do. Do branding in your blog, newsletter, store, customer service, and sales calls.

Be consistent with that branding. Be consistent with your values, mission, and message. That’s how you build a brand that connects.


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10. Study the Best

Branding is never perfected. There’s always more to learn.

Continue to learn how to develop your brand and how to get it into the world. Learn from the models that surround you.


Study the best brands in your industry and in the world.

Study the best brands in your industry. Study the best brands in the world.

Dissect how Apple developed loyal fans. Analyze why customers pay $5 for a Starbucks latte.

Building a Brand That Stands Out is Our Specialty

Building a brand is a brick by brick process. It’s a day by day endeavor.

Remember why you started your business. Re-commit to your purpose every day. Get inspired and motivated by your whys.

Use that energy to serve your customers. Use it to improve their lives. Use it to build your brand.

Do you need help marketing your brand? Schedule a 15-minute consultation to learn more about our services.

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