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At EWR Digital we really value our team as a whole, but also individually. We’re proud to say that we take care of each other, care about each other, and work hard every day to make sure every one of us is growing, getting new opportunities, and being congratulated upon their successes.

As a team building event, we went out to Texas Rock Gym in December 2018 and spent some time on the rock wall.

Texas Rock Gym Team Building Day

Our schedule for the day was as follows:

9 am – Meet at Texas Rock Gym and process paperwork.

Then we did an icebreaker warm-up.

After that, we got to work on our Belay Class. Belaying is a process, usually involving two people, where a rope system is used to protect a climber if they happen to fall.

In belaying, one person starts climbing the rock wall. Meanwhile, their partner, the belayer, stays on the ground with the belay line. The belay line is the rope directly attached to the climber’s harness. If the climber falls, the belay line acts as a “safety net.”

Belaying is a process used in climbing that uses a rope system to protect a climber if they fall.

After that, we did a Climbing Workshop and Climbing Challenge. Then we got to free climb! By the end of the day, pretty much everyone had reached the top of the wall!

It was a great day overall and we had a blast.

We Went Rock Climbing at Texas Rock Gym! | EWR Digital – Houston, TX