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You’ve designed your website, you’ve set up your social media accounts, and now you’re ready to post. But as you sit down to craft your first post, you wonder, “Are there any social media tools and techniques I should be using? And what really goes into a good post anyway?”

If you’ve just set up your first slew of social media accounts and want to know the best tools and techniques to use, EWR Digital has got you covered! Read to learn the best social media tools and techniques you can use to boost your social media potential.

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If you don’t know who your audience is, how will you know what posts they want?

Know Your Audience

Imagine this for a moment. You sit down at your computer.

You’re so excited about what social media can do that you start posting without thinking.

Sometimes you add hashtags, sometimes you don’t.

You don’t think about it. You just post. You close the computer and wait.

You don’t think about it. You just post.

But when you check back to see how posts did a few hours later, your heart sinks.

No follows.

No likes.

No retweets.

No hearts.


“Why? I used hashtags…what else can I do?”

The important thing to remember when doing social media is who your audience is. If you don’t know who your customer is and who will most likely use your products and services, then how can you know what to post, let alone what hashtags to use?

Knowing who your audience is the perfect cheat sheet for figuring out what posts are going to work, and what posts won’t. So before you get ready to post, create a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a representation of your target customer’s goals, preferences, and how they interact with your business online. The best way to research your buyer personas is to interview your best customers and clients and ask:

  • What are their passions and goals?
  • Do they have any hobbies?
  • What are their opinions about your business?
  • Why did they choose you over your competitors?
  • What do they really like about your business and what do they think should change?

By knowing the answers to all these questions you’ll be better able to create social posts they’ll like because the buyer persona will tell you what they like. With a buyer persona, you can speak their lingo and speak it well.

A buyer persona will also give you a better idea of the products and services your customers and clients want. You could find the one thing people want, and give it to them.

Get to Know Your Audience Better!

Research what hashtags people use.

Research Hashtags

Almost as important as your audience is the type of hashtags you use. Hashtags tell the world a shortened summary of your post

Anytime you see #TBT attached to a post you know that post is talking about Throwback Thursday, times gone by.

Hashtags are also searchable. People search for the hashtags they like and want to see. So before you post, research all the hashtags that are typically used with your topic and all the hashtags related to them. That way, when you do get to post on your social media accounts, you use the appropriate hashtags so the right people find your posts and your company.

Find the Hashtags You Need to Succeed

Facebook is still the most used social media website.

Not All Social Media Tools and Platforms Are the Same

Okay, you’ve done it. You heavily researched your audience and know the preferred hashtags people typically use. Now you might be thinking you’re all set to post, but hold on just a second!

If you’re starting out small and only using one social media tool like Facebook or Instagram, then you probably can start posting. But if you’re diversifying your social media efforts for better reach, you should know what to post where.

Not all social media platforms are the same.

Just like knowing who your audience is and what content they want to see, you need to get to know which platforms are best for what content. Your posts will be seen more if you know where your audience prefers to get their content from.

According to The Pew Research Center, Facebook still reigns supreme with 68% of adults claiming to be users, with some getting online more than once a day. But adults ages 18-24 are getting their content from several different platforms and it’s important to know what they use.

Twitter is great to use if your a small-medium sized business. According to a report by Twitter and Research Now 69% of Twitter users have already purchased from small and large businesses who user post on Twitter.

Another thing to take note of is the strength of each social media platform. Suppose you’re a realtor looking to show off the current houses you have for sale. You could easily create a Pinterest board of all the homes you’re showing so people could pin them to their boards. The bonus of this is that even if the home someone pins is already sold, you’ll get an idea of what a potential client might want in a home.

This tactic works so well that famous Waco, Texas Interior designer Joanna Gaines swears by this method. When she’s getting ready to renovate a home she asks her clients to create Pinterest boards full of ideas so she’ll know how to style a home.

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Avoid Banner Blindness by posting less.

Plan Your Socials

Another good social media tool is planning. By planning out your socials beforehand, you ensure you’ll hit every demographic you want, not miss any holidays, and promote your carefully crafted website content.

Another good thing to keep in mind when planning your socials is that less really is more.

Less really is more!

Banner Blidness

Once you’ve figured out how to post to your key demographics you might be tempted to post more often. After all, your business is your baby and you want everyone to enjoy it, right? Well, just like you try to ignore those zillions of annoying blurry photos of food that one friend of yours always posts (seriously – it must be at least 50 per day), the people you’re trying to reach will unfollow and ignore you if you post too often.

This is called Banner Blindness. Back in the early days of the internet frequent posting of ads and other content worked because it was a new medium to users. But now most users are aware of ads and ad-like posts that they’ll actively avoid it. If they see you posting about your products and services too much they’ll sense that you don’t really care about them as a client. And we know you do.

This is also one of the large reasons the old style of advertising doesn’t work. Old style advertising is all about making sales fast. They’re about pushing the products and services in people’s faces until they buy. People are wise to that and don’t want it. They want something different.

So how do you post differently? By posting the content people want to see less frequently. By posting less often you’re not over-saturating their minds, which makes each post more powerful and engaging. The more engaging the post is, the more they’ll engage their wallet with yours.

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