SEM: Are Bing Ads Worth It?

Jan 17, 2019

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Geoff Campbell

Geoff Campbell is a PPC and Paid Media Manager for eCommerce, Industrial, and Enterprise brands.
Bing Ads

While Google is certainly the king of search engine marketing, Bing ads are still an important piece of the puzzle

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed PPC ad, even outside of Google. While Google still holds the most users, Yahoo and Bing actually have people who prefer to use those engines instead.

If, through your market research, you discover that Bing is where you need to be, you should understand how to use Bing ads to boost your SEM efforts. Read on to find out more.

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Are Bing Ads Really Worth My Time?

Despite Google’s status as the king of search engines, Bing still has a competitive edge. Indeed, Bing ads can be valuable for your business’s search engine marketing.

But you shouldn’t base your PPC decisions solely on which search engine has the most market share. Why not? Because your reasoning should be based on YOUR audience and YOUR business. So, in the battle between Google vs. Bing, make the best decision for your specific business audience.

Millions of people prefer Bing over Google.

Some people actually prefer using search engines like Yahoo or Bing rather than Google. At first glance, that may not sound like a large part of the population. But looking at the numbers changes that. In fact, that small subsect represents millions of people who prefer Bing over Google.

And they may be your customers.

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Who’s Using Bing?

Research tells us that most Bing users are 34 years old or older. Here’s the age group breakdown for Bing users:

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  • 18-24 years old: 11%
  • 25-34 years old: 18%
  • 35-44 years old: 18%
  • 45-54 years old: 20%
  • 55-64 years old: 17%
  • 65+ years old: 17%

This means that people over 34 are more likely to click on and respond to your Bing ads. If your target market is mostly people above 34, not using Bing ads for your PPC could be huge mistake. You’d be neglecting tons of potential business by ignoring Bing.

Here is what I think:

  1. People working at a business and they don’t allow you to change your browser settings
  2. People that are not Tech Savvy and do not know how to change their primary browser.
  3. Now, super text savvy people that are starting to using Microsoft’s Copilot.


The Corporate Sector – Is There a Bing Advantage?

Advertising on Microsoft Ads presents a golden opportunity to tap into the vast user base of corporate environments that rely on Microsoft technology as their primary platform. With Microsoft Ads, you gain access to a targeted audience immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem, including professionals, decision-makers, and IT administrators. By strategically positioning your ads on Microsoft’s platforms like Bing, Outlook, and LinkedIn, you can reach users right where they work, surf, and communicate.

This targeted approach allows you to showcase your products or services directly to those who are most likely to be interested and in need of them, increasing the effectiveness and ROI of your advertising efforts. So, if you’re looking to make waves in corporate circles and connect with users entrenched in Microsoft technology, advertising on Microsoft Ads is a channel that shouldn’t be dismissed.

AI WildCard

Microsoft has been actively investing in AI research and development and has partnered with several organizations and companies to advance AI technologies. OpenAI, on the other hand, has collaborated with various tech companies, universities, and research institutions on AI projects and initiatives. This recent partnership with OpenAI will be interesting.

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory consisting of the for-profit OpenAI LP and its parent company, the non-profit OpenAI Inc. It was founded in December 2015 by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Wojciech Zaremba, and John Schulman. OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity. The organization conducts research in various areas of artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and robotics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the landscape of personalized advertising. Through sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, AI enables advertisers to tailor their messages to individual consumers with remarkable precision. This level of personalization goes beyond simply targeting demographic groups; it delves into the nuanced preferences, behaviors, and interests of each individual user. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can predict consumer preferences, anticipate needs, and deliver highly relevant ads that resonate with audiences on a personal level. As a result, advertisers can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns, increase engagement rates, and ultimately drive conversions.

Bing users tend to make $100,000 or more per year.

Another interesting fact is that most Bing users tend to have a household income of $40,000 or more. Even more compelling is that over a third make $100,000 or more per year.

Hence, you’d be potentially missing out on some of the most profitable leads out there.

Did you know that Bing ads are displayed on three search engines, not just one?

It’s true. When you post your PPC ad on Bing, it gets shown on AOL and Yahoo, as well as Bing. Here’s Bing’s official statement on the matter:

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“When you advertise using Bing Ads, your search ads can appear on the search results page on websites throughout the world. These sites can include Bing, AOL, and Yahoo owned and operated sites as well as Bing, AOL, and Yahoo syndicated search partner sites. (Syndicated search partner sites are sites that use Bing and Yahoo search results.)”

Which makes Bing second in line to the PPC throne, right behind Google.

So if you aren’t using Bing ads for your PPC and search engine marketing, it’s time to start.

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