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Jan 11, 2019

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Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is a award-winning marketing consultant and SEO Expert. He is the lead digital strategist at EWR Digital. Host of the Best SEO Podcast and Co-Host of the Oil and Gas sales and marketing podcast.

Mechanic marketing. You know you need to get your mechanic business out there and bring in new customers. You have a website, but it’s not producing leads. Could you be doing more to get customers? Different channels? Should you do AdWords, Facebok, maybe even TikTok? But do you need to do SEO and what would that look like? What is good SEO?

You feel like you practially need to become your own marketing agency.

If you have a mechanic shop and want to know how to really market your business, read on.

Consider Adding a Blog

“Okay,” you might be wondering. “What’s a blog going to do?” A lot, actually. Blogs have changed since they first entered the internet. They used to be a personal space for people to talk/brag about their daily lives. But with the advent of social media sites like Facebook, blogs aren’t what they used to be.

Writing informative blogs on a consistent schedule shows you know cars.

Now they’re the best marketing tool around. How? Think of it like this. Have you ever had a question about something? Maybe you were looking to buy a new wireless speaker and wanted to know which ones worked well. What was the first thing you did?

You probably Googled it, right? Maybe even typed something like, “Best wireless speakers.”

That’s what a lot of people do. They Google it. And it doesn’t matter if people want new wireless speakers or have a question about their car; they’ll Google it.

How a Blog Helps You

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So how can a blog help your mechanic business? By giving people information they want while showing them you’re the mechanic to trust.

Let’s face it. Most people are not car experts. We’re lucky if people remember to signal before changing lanes – and that takes seconds to do. Imagine all the other things they forget about, like oil changes.

You’ve probably had many customers shocked to learn that their seemingly random car problems could be fixed with an oil change. That’s where your blog comes in. You could write what people want to know about oil changes. When to get them, how they affect their cars, everything.

Valuable information builds trust.

In addition, while people are learning all this great information, they’re also learning you’re the mechanic to go to.

See, information builds trust. People don’t want to be sold to anymore. They want answers. And they want those answers from sources they can depend on.

Writing informative blogs on a consistent schedule shows you know cars. And when their car starts acting up, they’ll think of your mechanic shop because they already read your blog.

However, blogs are not the only mechanic marketing you can do. In the next section of this blog we’ll talk about why it’s time to get social.

81% of millennials still check Twitter twice a day.

Get Social

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Last June we reported two striking facts.

  • 81% of millennials check their Twitter twice a day.
  • There are over 2 BILLION Facebook users.


These facts are still true. And by the looks of things, no one is dropping social media anytime soon. It’s a great way to catch up on family and friends and share all the greatness the internet has to offer. But the most important thing social media does is connect you with your customers.

How the “B” Story Became A Story

As we also talked about last summer, IHOP decided to change to the P of the name to a B. They wanted customers to try the burgers they had on their menu. They knew they were great and thought everyone should take notice. And with the help of Twitter, people did.

That was the tweet read around the world. With less than 140 characters Wendy’s took IHOPs “B” and made it about them. It because such a sensation that Wendy’s created #NationalRoastDay.

Now, it’s probably not the best idea to mimic exactly what Wendy’s does. We cautioned against that last summer and we stand by that advice. But these hilarious tweets are still a good example of what social media can do.

With social media, you can create content people want and put your brand in people’s heads. Most important though, social media can show you care about customers.

Show You Care

After that quick Twitter exchange Twitter user Lakatima decided to pile on Ore-Ida with their own complaint.

See, what Ore-Ida is doing here is smart. They’re taking Lakatima’s complaint and turning in to an opportunity to make things right. They are showing that they care about their product and people who buy them. And you can do the same.

Suppose a customer comes in with a check engine light on. They say it’s been turning on and off randomly. You open the car up and get to work. The customer leaves happy. But then, a few days later they’re seeing the light come on again.

So they complain on your Facebook page. Being a smart business owner you reply,
“I’m so sorry you’re still seeing the check engine light come on. Stop by the shop when you can and we’ll take a free look to see what’s going on.”

This reply shows that you not only care about the customer, but you also want to make things right. And because the reply is public, anyone who sees your Facebook page will see it, too. They’ll know that you’re not in business for a quick buck; you’re in business for the cars and the people who drive them.

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