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Apr 4, 2023

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What Internet Marketing Results Matter Most to You?

Every EWR Digital custom website design is built with your best results in mind. For some that might mean online purchases. For others it’s lead form submissions. Still others prefer phone calls.

Our full service team of internet marketing experts puts all our skills together when developing your online brand, presence and platform. We are far more than just an website design agency, we are a strategic business partner with over 20 years experience in building businesses online and a award winning web design company!

Web Design Process - EWR Digital

A Custom Website Design Agency that Reaches All Customers

The challenge of any website design agency is to create one core website that helps customers know, like, and trust your business…both online and off. To do this we consider your customers at all stages of their buying journey.

  1. The First Time Visitor: The first-time visitors to your company website needs a basic level of awareness of your product or service. Why do they need your product/service? What problem does it solve?
  2. The Competition Research: Visitor Customers further along in their buying journey are likely doing some comparison research. For this customer your website must establish your authority and why you are better than the competition. Do you want to be known for your iron-clad guarantee? How about your 5-star customer service? Or is it your unmatched selection, low price guarantee, or customer satisfaction? Perhaps what makes you unique is something different altogether.
  3. The Ready-To-Buy Visitor: Finally, for your visitors who are ready to buy, the buying process must be easy, with as few obstacles as possible. How easy is it to find your site? Can they easily find the product they want? Make their purchase? Receive their confirmation? And ultimately, receive their product or service?

Mobile Friendly, Responsive, WordPress Websites

All of our custom website designs are created on sta

te-of-the-art, mobile friendly, responsive, WordPress websites. With over 76 million websites running on it, WordPress has become the industry standard for professional web development. It is easily customized and allows the most amount of control over your website’s SEO.

Plus, if you care about online marketing results, you will be happy to know that we run on a fully customized, performance-driven WordPress Platform. This ‘Results Framework’ as we affectionately refer to it is a huge bonus to our clients. It has all of the ready-made functionality of a standard WordPress Theme, but includes many extra, customized features not available on the market. Plus, because these are built-in features, not plugins, they do not drag down your overall site speed and performance. Best of all, they help us to analyze, monitor, adjust, and easily improve the performance of your custom website design on an ongoing basis.

In the words of our head developer, it is like hiding the raw power and performance of a race car engine beneath the hood of an attractive luxury car.

Data-Driven Web Design Solutions

These days it’s very easy for even the best website design agencies to promote ‘mobile first’ designs, even if their traffic is overwhelmingly desktop. Others want to impress their clients with ‘eye-catching’ moving-image homepages, despite their proven loss in performance. After all, these are the popular trends. So it’s highly probable that this is what you want for your own custom website design.

Unfortunately, what works well for one industry may not be true of another. And as one of the only internet marketing website design companies confident enough to guarantee results, we cannot say just the things you want to hear. Nor would you want us to.

In fact, we don’t make any web design recommendations that are not based in your brand’s performance data, or industry-tested best practices. We don’t need to impress with smoke and mirrors. Our custom website designs are built with one goal in mind: to get you the results you need to grow your business.

Our clients have seen massive business growth. Some have doubled, and even tripled their business. They have won awards and been short-listed for best marketing campaigns in their industry.

The Heart of Your Online Advertising Campaign

The best custom website design agency, however, is one that puts performance at the heart of your online presence. There are many individual components that go into a successful internet marketing campaign. From search engine optimization to pay per click advertising, and even social media marketing, we provide a comprehensive internet marketing strategy.

While some forms of marketing and advertising can be limited in their function and usefulness, online advertising campaigns offer an unrivaled amount of reach and utility. Your custom website design must promote branding and awareness, as well as educate and convert website visitors into buyers. In this day and age, however, it must also establish brand authority, provide trust and security, utilize testimonials as personal referrals, and create value added benefits. This will not only bring new clients to you, it will keep previous customers continually coming back.

Your Custom Website Design Agency in Houston, TX

EWR Digital wants to be your custom website design agency in Houston, TX. We serve a wide range of clients from many competitive industries across the US and the world.

Whether you are launching a business for the first time or have been burned by previous website design companies, we have a solution for you. Contact or call us at [phone] for a free consultation, or free web analysis today. One of our expert internet marketers and custom website design specialists would be happy to discuss your needs and concerns.

Let us help you learn more about the opportunities available to your business with a custom website design or full service internet marketing package. Remember, we deliver results. Guaranteed. We look forward to hearing from you today, and becoming a part of your success story.

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