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Jun 22, 2018

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Matt Bertram

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You’re sitting at your computer looking at your current real estate marketing listings when you get a Facebook notification.

“Huh, that shoe website I follow posted another picture.”

As you look at the picture of custom shoes you wonder, “Could my business use Facebook’s real estate marketing? What would that look like anyway?” If you’re a real estate agent looking to up your game, read on to learn why Facebook could be the perfect place for you.

Get Better Real Estate Marketing with Facebook

Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users. 1.5 billion of those are daily users.

Why Should You use Facebook?

As you continue to browse Facebook you might be thinking, “On second thought, why should I use Facebook? I have my website and people see my listings in other places. That should be enough, right?”

Maybe. If this was ten years ago. Before everyone was glued to their phones and screens, a website and a few pictures were probably all you needed. If people wanted to work with you, they’d be able to find you.

That’s not true today. Here’s why:

TechCrunch reported on June 27th, 2017 that there are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Facebook’s newsroom even reported that there are 1.5 billion DAILY users.

The National Association of Realtors reported that over 77% of realtors use Facebook marketing to generate leads, connect with clients, and showcase their listings. That number was in 2013-2014. Who knows how many of your competitors are already using Facebook today.

If your business is not on Facebook’s real estate marketing, you are not only missing out on new customers, you’re also missing out one of the most convenient ways to communicate with current clients.

So how do you use Facebook marketing for realtors? We’re glad you asked.

See How Facebook Marketing For Realtors can Help You

Facebook has many tools to help you craft the right ads for the right clients.

You Can Tailor Your Ads to Clients

One of the great things about Facebook marketing for realtors is how specific you can get with your ads. Your ad can be tailored to:

ZIP Code

Do you have listings in a particular zip code? Have you noticed people are moving from one zip code to another? With Facebook marketing, you get super specific about the zip codes you to market to. Or you can market to several for a wider reach.

Age Range

Have you been working with a certain age range? Have you noticed that younger adults in their early 20s are buying homes less? If there’s an age range you’ve found success with, you can tailor your ads to fit that range and avoid the ranges that don’t work for you.


Just like you can focus on zip codes and age, your ad can also focus on how much income a potential client makes. Do you have a listing perfect for a client whose got the money to spend? Or do you have listings that could be more affordable? Facebook allows you to zero in on the income levels you’d like to work with. How convenient is that?

Grow Your Income With Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s “lookalike” feature allows you find clients like the ones you’ve worked with before.

Homeownership Status

Do you dream of finding that perfect home for first-time buyers? Or are you looking to work with clients who are homeowners looking to sell? Your Facebook ads can be tailored to first-time home buyers, homeowners, and even renters. Facebook real estate marketing gives ad control to you, the real estate agent, so you can focus on the clients you want to work with.

Lookalike Audiences

If you’ve been in business a while you no doubt have lists of clients. Facebook can put those lists to work for you. Simply upload your list to Facebook and it will find clients who have similarities and “lookalike” the clients you’ve worked with in the past. How could Facebook marketing get any easier?

People Likely to Move

The last and never least aspect you can tailor your ads to is people likely to move. First time home buyers are bombarded with a lot of information. They need a listing ear from someone in the business who can assure them of the home buying process and answer any and all questions they may have.

This tool puts you in direct view of those buyers so you can be their listening ear and help them in this exciting time in their lives.

Find Out What Your Clients Like

360 videos make your property listings feel like home.

Make Properties Feel Real With Standard 360 Videos

According to Inman.com, 85% of home buyers and sellers want real estate agents who use video. Video injects a little reality into the home they’re looking at. Pictures are great too (more on that in a moment) but video allows clients to “feel” what it would be like to live in the home their viewing. It makes things more real, and Facebook marketing can make that happen.

Want to make things even more real? Film a 360 video. A 360 video allows potential clients to move their mouse (or phone) around so it looks like their walking inside the house! How neat is that! This is also perfect for clients who need more visual information before they see a house in person. By the time they take their first real step inside, your listing will already feel like home.

Make Your Business Growth Real with Facebook Marketing

Clients can keep swiping until they find a home that speaks to them.

Show More With Carousel Ads

You’re taking a break on Facebook when you see your good friend posted pictures of their recent party. As you smile and swipe through the good times, you think, “Wait, could I do this with my property listings?” Yes, you can!

Carousel ads are like a slide show. It allows you to show more than one property at a time or more than one picture of a property. Potential clients can keep swiping until they find a home that speaks to them.

Do More With Facebook Marketing

Ad Tips

So now that you have a pretty decent idea of what your ads can do for you, here are some things you should be doing with your ads.

Being open and honest makes people want to work with you.

Build Trust by Being Honest

When you’re crafting your ad, it’s always a good idea to be clear and honest. Like you would do with your property’s one-sheet, give accurate information about the listing. Show un-doctored pictures that are as real as the listing is.

You don’t want a situation where the listing looks better than the in-person thing. Clients won’t be willing to work with you if they know what you show online is altered in some way. And once you lose that trust, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it back. That’s why you should be open and honest from the start. Being honest builds trust and makes people more willing to recommend you and your real estate business to others.

Be the Realtor Clients Trust

Client reviews show that they chose you for a reason.

Respond to and Share Good Reviews

Do you ever spot that vegan cheese in the hipster aisle of the supermarket that claims, “It really melts!” and think, “Cheese is supposed to melt! Why is it telling me it does something it’s supposed to do? It should just do it.”

Your Facebook marketing should be treated the same way. You know you’re a good real estate agent. You might even have the client stats to back it up. But the moment you start boasting on Facebook, you may worry that people might think, “They shouldn’t have to tell us they’re great. They should show us they are.”

If you really want to display how great you are, show those 5-star reviews. The people who rate you well could have chosen any real estate agent, but they chose to work with you because of who you are and the great work you do. And people want to know that.

People also love it when you respond to their reviews. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy response. It could be a simple as “Thanks! I am so glad you enjoy your new home!”

Responding to Facebook comments also is a great way to connect with clients.

Get 5-Star Reviews!

Clients want to feel a connection with their realtor. Facebook can help with that.

Connecting With Clients Is Key

Years ago, when my husband and I were buying our first home, we were super nervous. Excited, yes, but really nervous. There was a lot of information to go over and I wanted to be sure we “connected” emotionally with our real estate agent. My thinking was if we couldn’t connect on a personable level, how could they help us find a house we’d love?

A lot of people feel this way. They want to know their concerns are being heard and their questions will get answered.

In the first few emails between me and our real estate agent, I wasn’t feeling connected. Instead, I felt disconnected and cold. Then, randomly, one of us mentioned cats. Pretty soon we were trading funny YouTube cat videos and I felt completely at ease with them.

By taking a few moments to connect personally with your clients on Facebook you’re not only showing them you care, you’re also showing you “get” them. That they’re not a number to you, they’re people looking for a home and you’re the best person to help them find it.

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