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You’re sitting in your office when you notice a client checking a social network on his phone.

“Sorry,” he says, “Just taking a quick moment to reply to a customer. I gotta tell ya, customers really like it when I reply to them on here.”

As he finishes his reply and tucks away his phone, you wonder, “Does social media marketing really work? Could it work for my real estate business?”

If you have a real estate business and you’re wondering if social media works, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see if creating profiles on social networking sites will boost your business.

Grow Your Business with Social Network Marketing

Social networking sites are not going anywhere.

Social Networks Are Not Fads

People used to think social networking sites were a fad, and they had good reason to. MySpace reigned supreme for only two years before it was sold. When Facebook came on to the scene, everyone waited for the blue colored social network to fade into the digital ether. Businesses thought, “Why bother? Facebook will be bought and some new thing will crop up.”

But then something amazing happened. Not only did Facebook stick around, other social networks came on to the scene with their own unique experience. The message was pretty clear: social networks were not going anywhere. And businesses started to catch up.

Get More Staying Power

81% of Millennials check Twitter twice a day.

More People Than Ever Use Social Networking Sites

 According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 81% of millennials check their Twitter feeds at least once a day. Facebook alone has 2 billion active users.

Social networking sites are not going anywhere and more and more businesses are starting to see why. Social networking sites can help you:

  • Understand your audience
  • Expand brand awareness
  • Build trust and authority.

Social network marketing gives you insight on your clients.

Understand Your Audience

One of the best reasons social media marketing works is that you can gain insight into who your clients are. For the first time, you can really see what your clients want from your business and how they want it. Through the various metrics that each social networks provides, you’ll get a real look at who your audience is, and how they want to be reached.

Learn How to Understand Your Audience

Social networks allow you to express who you are as a brand.

Expand Brand Awareness

When people look at a website one of the first pages they click on is the “About Us” page. People want to know about the companies they may be buying from. Social networks allow you to express who you are as a brand and what you’re all about so when clients do meet with you, they’ll already have a sense of your business.

Another great way you can use social networks to expand brand awareness is by promoting events. Promoting an open house on a social networking site like Facebook you give users the chance to share the even, and get others interested too. This is also perfect for showing that one house you know will get attention.

Expand Your Brand

Show through your informative posts that you know your industry.

Build Authority

People don’t want to be sold to; they know what sales messages look like and tend to avoid them like the plague. If you approach clients with a sales mentality they’ll sniff it out and go somewhere else. So how do you get clients to choose you over someone else? By building authority.

You have to know your industry well, and clients have to feel they can trust you.

When I was looking to get my first espresso machine I was bombarded with a lot of reviews. Like a first-time home buyer, I didn’t know who to trust.

Then I came across a YouTube channel called Whole Latte Love. Not only did their videos explain what a new espresso lover like me would need to know, they demonstrated loads of different espresso machines and grinders. They showed me through their informative videos that they knew coffee. And when it came time to buy, who was I going to buy from? A company that knew a whole latte about lattes.

When you’re building your social network presences you have to show through your posts that you know your industry. That when it comes to hunting for their first house, you’re the real estate agent who has the knowledge to help.

Be the Real Estate Company People Come to First

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