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Is it time to break up with PPC? Nobody wants to invest in a marketing strategy that isn’t working. Do you have a pay per click campaign that isn’t performing like you want it to?

Read on to learn about how to best leverage PPC and when it’s time to move on to another strategy.

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What is PPC?

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Pay-per-click, commonly known as PPC, is a paid advertising strategy to get your message in front of the people who want to see it.

When pay per click campaigns work effectively they can be a great source for leads. But what should you do if you are spending money on Google or Bing Ads and you still aren’t getting a the results you want?

PPC has become a popular online advertising tool because it is so easy to get started. If your PPC campaign isn’t getting the results you want you may be tempted to just shut it down. But before you do, here are some things you might want to consider.

Before you remove a campaign and lose all of you data, let’s consider a few things you can do to optimize you campaign.

CAUTION: “If you remove a campaign, you permanently stop it, and you can’t resume it.”

Reevaluate Your Keywords

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The first step in any pay-per-click campaign is picking the right keywords. With proper keyword research you should be able to narrow down which keywords will work best for you.

A common mistake is going after too many keywords at one time. Make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself. Pick a few main ones you want to target.

Landing Page Optimization

By having a low quality landing page, Google will assign a low quality score. This can affect if Google shows your ad. If you are getting the right traffic to your website you might have a conversion problem. Sending traffic to a page with a bad user experience is a waste of your ad budget.

So make sure to optimize your landing pages.

Need Help? Contact the PPC Experts

If you have tried making these tweaks and are still not getting the results you want, it might be time to break with your PPC campaign.

If you’re not ready to give up on your Ad Campaign, call in an expert. During our Profit Plan you spend 2 hours with a PPC expert to pinpoint exactly why your campaign is under performing, and discuss actionable steps to improve it. Call us at 713-597-2656 to learn more!

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