What Is Off-page SEO?

By Matt Bertram

By Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is Head of Digital Strategy at EWR Digital. He is a nationally recognized expert in SEO and the Co-Host of the top rated SEO Podcast, "The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing." Author of Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers with contributing articles in Forbes, Search Engine Journal and numerous other publications pertaining to digital marketing.

You’re business has been doing pretty great, thanks in part to the great team you have handling your on-page SEO. But as you look at your page you start to wonder, “Is there something I could be doing off-page? Is there such a thing as off-page SEO?”

If you’ve been wondering about off-page SEO, read on to learn more about how it can boost your Google ranking.

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So, What Is Off-Page SEO?

To put it simply, off-page SEO is search engine optimization that happens off your page. If done right, off-page SEO (also called off-site SEO) can improve your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Off-page SEO can be:

Off-page SEO allows you to be in control of your brand.

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Why Does it Matter

We don’t blame you for wondering this. If you’ve got some good SEO going on your own site you might think that’s enough. But the truth is SEO off your page is just as important as on your page. While we don’t know the exact math Google uses, we do know that it loves seeing your business and website name in other places besides your website.

More importantly, taking control of SEO that’s off your site allows you to take control of your brand. Picture this a second: You have a growing real estate company. It’s going so well that your client list is bursting. Then, one day, a client’s dream home got an offer before they had the chance to submit one. It’s no one’s fault; it happens. You remind your client that there are more houses out there and assume everything is fine – until you check Twitter.

Not only is your client upset, but they’re also tweeting about what happened. If the only web presence you have is your website, people might see your customer’s one-sided tweet instead of all the other great things your company has to offer. This is why it’s crucial that you take control of your brand now before someone else does.

Plus, with you at the reigns of your off-page SEO, what people say about your company won’t matter as much because of all the positive content already out there.

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The more popular the website, the better the backlink.

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A backlink is when another website links back to your website. It is one of the strongest forms of off-site SEO. There are three types of backlinks:

  • Natural links are backlinks that websites are given without much work. Say a customer loves your product so much that they put a link to your website on their website or social network page. The bonus of a backlink like this is that A) you didn’t have to ask for it; and B) because someone is organically linking to your site, the recommendation of you will feel more genuine, and that goes a long way.
  • Manually built links are backlinks that you ask for, such as asking customers or YouTube stars to link back to your website. The bonus of this type of backlink is that if you can get a YouTube star to give you a link to your page or product, people are more likely to click.
  • Self-created links are backlinks that you create yourself by adding your website to online directories or NAP listings. While it’s true that more backlinks equal better off-page SEO, it’s important to note that too many self-created links can actually damage your Google ranking. If Google sees that you’re creating backlinks almost everywhere, they’ll view your website and business as spam and might rank you lower than you’d like. The key to backlinks is to choose ones that will have the most visibility and use, like adding your business to Google My Business or Yahoo’s Yext. The more popular the website, the better the backlink.

Social media marketing lets you connect with your customers on a personal level.

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Social Media Marketing

SMM (social media marketing) is great for off-page SEO. It allows you to interact with your customers, promote deals, and delight followers with content. It also increases the visibility of your onsite content. Take, for instance, a blog post. You’ve just posted a great blog about a service you provide. By posting on your socials you’re not only putting your business name out there, but you’re also linking back to your main website.

Social media is also great for connecting with customers. Let’s take another look at the situation from above. If you have a Twitter account you could reply to the client’s tweet and let them know you’re just as upset about what happened and want to make things right.

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The more guest blogs you post, the more Google will view you and your website as a trusted authority.

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Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is where you post a blog on someone else’s website. What’s great about guest blogging is that the more guest blogs you post, the more Google will view you and your website as a trusted authority.

A good example of this is Alison Green AKA AskAManager. Green is a seasoned manager who’s basically the “Dear Abby” of the work world. If you have a question about resumes, interviews, and anything related to employment, she’s the leading authority to contact. And she became a leading authority by posting guest blogs on Inc.com, a well-known website and magazine that deals with the business world.

Like backlinks, guest blogging is only worth it if the place you’re guest blogging on has a lot of website traffic.

“What if I don’t have an ‘in’ at another website?” Try Medium. Medium is a website that has content from many different subjects, from politics to entrepreneurship and even lighter topics like culture. The biggest plus to Medium is that your post is visible the moment you post it. So if you have an industry subject you’re dying to blog about, Medium is the perfect space to do it in. It gives you space to put a link back to your website AND it’s so well known that readers are more likely to check it out.

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