8 Tips for Using Machine Learning to Enhance Your Company’s Marketing

Aug 9, 2021

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Matt Bertram

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The machine learning market is expected to be worth around 30 billion by 2024. This massive growth is the result of more businesses using machine learning for algorithms, decision-making & forecasting. Machine learning is also helpful when it comes to digital marketing. It enhances the user experience and provides more meaningful data for businesses. Examples of machine learning are found in AI, which can read human behavior. 

Ultimately, the more you understand machine learning and how it’s helping businesses, the more you’ll be able to see how it’s helping your business. Here are eight tips to consider how machine learning can help enhance your enterprise SEO company marketing strategy. 

1. Personalization

8 Tips for Using Machine Learning to Enhance Your Company's Marketing | EWR Digital

As already mentioned, machine learning is changing personalization. It’s changing how businesses understand the customer. For example, machine learning can help businesses dive deeper into data that helps them understand human behavior. Streaming services are taking to machine learning by giving you recommended shows based on your watch history. 

Personalization is about understanding how each customer is different. It’s about communicating with them differently. Businesses understand the power of personalization and how machine learning can help them better understand personalization. 

Another example of better personalization is email marketing. Machine learning helps digital marketers understand email data that gives them insight on better strategies to send to their subscribers. It may also include better segmentation; emailing content to a specific audience rather than a broad audience. 

2. Quality Content

It’s no secret that blogs are trying to rank higher on Google searches. But it only works if you follow Google’s algorithm. Their algorithm is based on machine learning. So, any content that you write on your blog will be determined by machine learning. That’s why it’s important to write quality, SEO-optimized blog content. 

Google’s machine learning will determine the quality and SEO of your content and how it compares to your competitors. That’s why it’s important to research and create quality content that outshines your competitors. 

More importantly, you want to create content that helps your target market. You want to create content that answers your target market’s questions. The more helpful your content is to people, the more likely Google’s algorithm will rank your content higher.

If you want to see how long SEO takes before seeing results, check out this blog article.  

3. Machine Learning Helps Reduce Guesswork

 Another aspect to consider when you consider the benefits of machine learning on digital marketing is reducing guesswork. Machine learning takes the guesswork out of digital marketing campaigns. You don’t have to guess who your target market is or wonder how a specific campaign will do. Machine learning provides more accuracy and stability when it comes to marketing campaigns. 

4. The Benefit of Chatbots

Another benefit to consider with machine learning is how it uses chatbots to communicate with consumers. You’ve probably seen chatbots when you visit someone’s Facebook business page or someone’s website. A chat box opens as soon as you visit the site and asks what sort of help you need. 

Machine learning helps create better chatbots based on their interactions with customers. They collect data based on their conversation with consumers and provide better service to these consumers. Chatbots are the future of digital marketing and show how machine learning will change the landscape for businesses. Instead of having a customer service representative figure out what the customer wants, you can have a chatbox that anticipates their needs.

5. Better Products

Machine learning can also help you create better products for your customers. You can develop products based on someone’s purchase history. If someone shops online and buys a particular product, machine learning can help your business create similar products. It can see what part of your business thrives and what products don’t sell well.

You can also see what customers buy specific products, which can help you segment your audience. 

6. Better Brand

Your brand is the story you tell your customers. It’s the story your customers feel when they purchase your business. Machine learning can help you build a sustainable brand by giving customers a better story. 

When machine learning helps your business better understand the customers, it helps you anticipate their needs, their behavior. When you can understand the customer better, it enables you to create products and content that helps your customer more. 

It helps your brand stand out among your competitors because you know your customers better because of machine learning. It also enables you to tell a better, more refined story instead of something vague and broad. Ultimately, machine learning also helps with brand awareness.

7. Social Media Benefits

8 Tips for Using Machine Learning to Enhance Your Company's Marketing | EWR Digital

Another benefit of machine learning is found in social media. Machine learning can automate responses to people on social media. You don’t have to be present for every social media interaction. 

For example, Facebook will give users specific content based on their search history on Google. If someone searched for shoes on Amazon, they might see shoes for sale when they scroll through Facebook. Similarly, Instagram caters to images based on your visual history and what pictures you look at. 

When it comes to your own business and how machine learning can help with your social media accounts, you’ll discover that machine learning can automate things in minutes. Machine learning can automate posts and provide data on what posts are being seen and interacted with the most. You can also see what trends people follow on social media to create a more effective marketing campaign. 

When it comes to advertising, machine learning on different social media platforms helps you target and retarget specific audiences. You can target people based on their interests.

8. Voice Search

Alexa is an example of how voice search is becoming more commonplace. People are using voice search instead of typing and searching for something. Machine learning can make recommendations based on consumer purchases. 

In addition, voice search will also change SEO. It will change what keywords are being used because it’s how people talk rather than typing. Phrases will be shorter. 

Machine learning can identify SEO patterns in voice search and see how it affects your business, which will help your business in turn. That’s also why it’s important to know local SEO because people use voice search in their local city. 

Machine learning can help your business adapt to voice search. That means using different keywords based on how people talk. 

What Else Can Be Said About Machine Learning? 

While machine learning is making a difference in digital marketing, the most important thing to realize is that it can lower the cost of your conversions and can reduce your cost per click. Data is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to machine learning. It can help you better understand your ROI based on who visiting your website and what action they are taking. 

Machine learning can also give you a better idea of your target market. It can help you create a more personalized message. More importantly, you can see how that message resonates with your target market. That’s why the data you learn with machine learning is fundamentally important to adapting your business to give you an edge over your competitors. 

Overall, these tips can help your business adapt and improve its ROI. It can help you figure out how much to spend on your marketing campaign without guessing how much to spend. The future of machine learning is now, which is why it’s important to implement these tips into your business sooner rather than later. 

How Machine Learning Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Machine learning is the present and future of digital marketing. It’s helping businesses make smarter decisions when it comes to marketing campaigns and understanding the market. It’s taking the guesswork out of marketing. 

These tips can help you figure out how digital marketing can give you an edge in marketing over your competitors. While you don’t have to implement all of these tips into your business immediately, they should be taken with serious consideration. Since machine learning is the future of marketing, it’s important to adapt as quickly as you can. 

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