The Benefits of Hiring a Performance Marketing Agency for Startups

Jun 1, 2021

Performance marketing pays publishers only when a specific action is taken.

For example, a business will only pay publishers when a click happens on their website or when a sale occurs.

Performance marketing is based on results rather than brand awareness. It focuses on immediate action instead of months of warming up leads.

If a business wants immediate results, performance marketing can help them achieve that goal and help them get results and sales.

If you want to learn how a performance marketing agency like EWR Digital can help your business, this guide can provide the best insight. Keep reading to learn more.

How Can a Performance Marketing Agency Help Your Business? 

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There are a lot of benefits if you choose to hire a performance marketing agency. These benefits can help you realize the potential of what it’s like to work with a marketing agency and how it can help you generate more sales faster than ever.

Accessible Technology

One of the benefits of performance marketing is that you have more access to technology.

If you decide to work with a performance marketing agency, you’ll discover that many of them have a MarTech stack. This is a service that they provide for clients.

This technology will involve SEO, social media management tools, advanced analytics, PPC bid management software, and more advanced technology. These tools help your business generate leads and sales without you having to purchase these tools yourself.


If you have an internal marketing agency, they may know some stuff regarding multiple marketing campaigns. However, that won’t help you when it comes to mastering a specific kind of marketing strategy.

An online marketing agency can help fill in the gaps where your marketing agency is lacking. They offer expertise in areas of marketing that can help deliver positive results for your business.

A New Method

Another benefit of working with a performance marketing agency is that they can offer new methods to deliver results. In addition, they can provide additional support to your internal marketing team.

Along with a new perspective, they can help you produce better results and more revenue for your business.

Save Time

Hiring a marketing agency with high performance can also help you save time on researching different marketing strategies. For example, you may not know what social media channels to advertise or promote your business on.

This type of agency helps eliminate hours of headache by giving you the strategies you can implement immediately.

Save Money

As your business grows, it’s important to figure out how to scale your marketing team. You can either hire and train more employees, which will take an excessive amount of capital.

When you hire a marketing agency with high performance, you don’t have to worry about hiring and training employees, as well as your turnover rate. You can hire this kind of agency that helps you avoid losing all of that time and money.

How to Find the Perfect Performance Marketing Agency

Now that you know the benefits of a performance marketing agency, you should figure out how to hire the one that fits your business needs.

You need to find this type of agency that doesn’t offer false promises. Instead, find an agency that has a history of doing excellent work.

Here are some things to look for when you look for this type of agency:

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Do They Have the Expertise? 

Before you hire any performance marketing agency, you need to know if they have the expertise. In addition, you need to see if they have the skills and the knowledge to help you accomplish your goals.

Many agencies can offer similar services, such as social media management, content marketing, and more. The goal is to find an agency that offers unique and specialized services.

If you want an idea of what an agency specializes in, you should consider their services and case studies. You should also see what customers say about their business and how it stands out.

Need an example? You can see our services on our website here.

Can They Work on Multiple Channels? 

While it’s important to improve your brand on a specific channel, you also want to make sure the agency you hire can work on multiple channels. You don’t want to switch agencies if the first agency you hired is only specialized for one particular channel.

It’s also important to remember that your marketing strategy isn’t dependent on a single channel like Facebook or Instagram, but rather multiple channels. The more channels an agency can offer, the more it can help you generate leads and sales.

Do They Offer the Technologies You Need? 

Another consideration before you hire this type of agency is figuring out the technology they offer.

First, you want to consider their MarTech stack. Does this kind of agency offer all the tools you and your internal marketing team need to succeed? Do they track results?

It’s also important to see if a performance marketing agency has automated tools and has AI-centered tools.

If you want to get the most out of your marketing agency, you need modern tools that will help you generate the most leads and the most sales.

Is It a Personalized Strategy? 

A broad strategy doesn’t often work. What works for one niche or demographic won’t work for another. You want an agency to provide a personalized strategy that reaches a specific market.

You want an agency that understands your industry and your target market. An excellent performance marketing agency will understand how to grow your brand with multiple channels.

This can help you generate more leads and sales, giving you a higher ROI.

Do They Understand Your Brand? 

Another aspect to consider as you consider hiring this type of agency is understanding the value of your brand.

In essence, you want the agency you hire to be an extension of your brand. That means it should be a seamless process.

You also want to make sure the agency you hire isn’t working with your competitors, as this would be a conflict of interest. You want 100% transparency and trust from the agency you decide to hire.

If you want to learn more about brand identity, you can read about it on our blog.

Do They Have the Time to Handle Your Work? 

If the agency you are considering hiring is working with other businesses, it’s important to know if they have time to devote 100% to your business.

You want the agency you are hiring to have enough resources and personal that can focus on your exact needs. That’s why it’s important to ask the agency how many businesses they are working with at the moment.

It’s important that they have enough time to handle your work to give you the results you want.

Do They Have a Clear Vision for Your Business? 

Lastly, you want to determine if the agency you are considering hiring has a vision for your business. You want to see what kind of goals they have for your business before you hire them.

They should give you a blueprint of their marketing strategy for your business and how they plan to implement it. It may not be a great fit if it doesn’t fit into your brand or your overall goals.

A good marketing agency will give you the analytics behind why they think it’s a good idea to move in that direction. Then, they will back up what they say.

Overall, hiring an agency can be a daunting task. Hiring the wrong agency can cause more problems than you started with, and you’ve wasted money on them.

That’s why a good performance marketing company can help improve your monthly business performance, target an audience, and help improve your ROI. They should know exactly what your business needs.

Why a Performance Marketing Agency Is Worth It

If you want your business to reach a wider audience and give you the results you want, then find a performance marketing agency that can do that for you. However, you also don’t want to hire a marketing agency that delivers false promises.

The perfect marketing agency will complement your internal team and give you the tools you need. They will help grow your brand and ensure your goals are met. If you want help with your marketing strategy, you can contact us here.