Off-page SEO: Public Relations

By Matt Bertram

By Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is Head of Digital Strategy at EWR Digital. He is a nationally recognized expert in SEO and the Co-Host of the top rated SEO Podcast, "The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing." Author of Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers with contributing articles in Forbes, Search Engine Journal and numerous other publications pertaining to digital marketing.

You want a great reputation for your business. But online reputation management isn’t easy. You need to have an understanding of your off-page SEO. It will tell you what your customers and reviewers are saying about you. And you need a good public relations (PR) strategy to improve that off-page SEO.

Are you wondering how to use public relations for online reputation management and off-page SEO? We have gathered this concise guide to help you in the process. Read to find out more.

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Why No Public Relations Strategy Can be Bad for Your Business

You might think that you need public relations only if you have a large brand or a wide presence. However, in today’s digital landscape, everyone needs a PR strategy, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.

If you are not proactively using public relations for reputation management, here are some of the issues that might hinder your progress:

  • Low Online Ranking – You can fall behind on Google SERP’s organic results. It doesn’t look professional when your potential customers search for you and can’t find you easily, or find other websites.
  • Unwanted Content – If you are a successful business, then you have review sites and bloggers talking about you. Not everything is always going to be positive. You don’t want negative reviews and chatters to dominate your online reputation, so make sure to address any complaints in a calm and timely manner.
  • Self-Inflicted Reputation Damage – Public relations is about emphasizing the positive and minimizing the negative. Every business makes mistakes on social media or advertisements. A good PR strategy gives you an opportunity to heal those wounds. Otherwise, the wounds can fester. If you don’t approach your off-page SEO with a public relations mindset, a small spark can turn into a full-blown fire.

Techniques for Effective Public Relations and Reputation Management

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You can’t control everything about your off-page SEO. So you need strategies to ethically monitor and influence your reputation. Here are some PR tools and ideas you can use:

Monitor your online reputation regularly. If you know what is happening, you can minimize the damage. At the minimum, use Google Alerts to find out what people are saying about you. Also, there are other tools like Social Mention and Trackur to keep track of your online reputation.

Make friends with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. They can help you boost your off-page SEO during times of peace and help you out in a time of crisis. However, you can’t ask them out of the blue. So build a relationship over time. Also, make sure you don’t do anything unethical regarding influencing reviews or opinions. It can become a PR nightmare in itself.

Ensure your content has the right message. Your off-page SEO is a reflection of what you put on your website. So target the right audience with the right message. Especially if you are targeting a niche market, your public relations messages need to be on-point. Otherwise, your website will start attracting the wrong crowd which can lead to bad reviews and unwanted attention.

Use social media for brand and reputation management. You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more to spread keywords and ideas about your brand. This information will get echoed from platform to platform and help you create the image you want out there. It’s a free and powerful tool in your arsenal for effective public relations.

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