How an SEO Company Can Help You Improve Your SEO Strategy With AI

Apr 3, 2023

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Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is a award-winning marketing consultant and SEO Expert. He is the lead digital strategist at EWR Digital. Host of the Best SEO Podcast and Co-Host of the Oil and Gas sales and marketing podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s worth it to work with an SEO company, now might be the time. Machine learning plays a major role in the way companies do business, and for a good reason. When implemented effectively, it allows businesses to increase their efficiency and grow their bottom line. Artificial intelligence (AI) for SEO is no different, and companies in many industries are discovering the benefits of integrating AI into their SEO strategies.

You’ve always known how important SEO is. It’s not a new concept. While approaches to implementing and monitoring SEO have changed dramatically over the years, it’s been a mainstay in digital marketing plans since it began.

Why now, then? Now that you’ve developed an efficient SEO strategy, your numbers are where you want to be, and your team is driving results. Why should you consider consulting an SEO company to help you use AI in your SEO strategy? We get that overhauling your SEO approach might sound daunting, but our question to you is, “Why not make it even better?”

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In our more than 20 years of experience helping companies with their SEO strategies, we’ve come to understand the importance of staying ahead of the game. It’s not enough to perform well in today’s technical realm. It’s important to watch for emerging trends to help you outwit and outperform your competitor. AI in SEO isn’t just an idea; it’s a proven strategy that will guide the future of SEO.

Let’s look at what AI is, how it works in SEO, and how we can get you there.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It seems like a ubiquitous term these days, but it’s important to understand what AI is before incorporating it into your SEO strategy. Put simply, artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer or robot to perform tasks as a human would. There are many types of AI, and they use algorithms to learn how to function independently of human interaction.

AI tools learn by collecting data, organizing it, and identifying patterns that teach them how to respond when they receive data in the future. For example, you’ve probably called a customer service line and reached an automated operator. When you provide data by pressing a number key or providing a voice response, the operator takes that data, recognizes a familiar pattern, and connects it to its correlated response. That’s AI in action.

How Does AI Work in SEO?

In recent years, AI has become a major part of SEO, especially as search engines have integrated AI into their algorithms. Many AI tools can help marketing teams manage their SEO more efficiently. Here are some ways AI works within SEO to improve the user experience and streamline marketing strategies:

AI Makes Advertising More Precise

If you’ve ever been scrolling through social media or searching on Google and noticed an ad that seems catered to you, that’s not an accident. These platforms integrate AI-powered functions that use algorithms to filter through data and choose the most relevant ads for the user based on their previous searches. This allows companies that advertise on these platforms to reach their target markets effectively.

AI Enables Efficient Searching

One of the primary ways companies have integrated AI into SEO is by using it to customize searches for users. For example, when you enter a search term or phrase into Google, you might see some suggestions based on what you’ve searched for in the past. Search engines, e-commerce websites, and other websites that rely on user searches also use AI to “remember” what you’ve explored or purchased in the past so they can make relevant recommendations.

Content Writing can be Powered by Artificial Intelligence

You probably already know that when it comes to content, quality counts. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and robotic content. Google’s algorithms have evolved to consider the legitimacy of websites based on their content, which they determine using their E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) evaluation. SEO has also expanded beyond search engines simply pulling up relevant keywords.

Artificial intelligence considers important factors like why users search these terms and which results are most relevant to their intent. This is where AI has a role. Just as search engines use AI to determine relevant search results for users, our SEO company can help you use AI tools to create quality content that tells search engines you have what users want.

Obtain Faster Data Analysis

You already know data analytics is a critical part of an effective SEO strategy. Without monitoring your campaigns, you have no idea whether they’re working. Analytics dashboards like those on Facebook and Google are extraordinarily helpful in allowing you to measure the success of your marketing efforts. This is because they use AI to collect and organize data about important insights like page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, and the ways visitors interact with your site.

How Has AI Improved the SEO Experience for Users?

AI in SEO is important because it improves your marketing campaigns by making SEO strategies more efficient by making it easier for the user to find you. Years ago, searches only took place on PCs and laptops. Now, most people search for products and services on their mobile devices. This has changed the way companies approach their SEO methods and how search engines provide results.

Mobile SearchingMobile Apps - EWR Digital

The convenience of searching on a mobile device has made this the preferred method for a lot of users. While text input is still huge, many users also use voice searches. Search engines use AI to process these queries and provide relevant results for users. What does that mean for you? It means that even if you choose not to integrate AI into your marketing plan, it still affects how your potential customers find and access your content.

Local Searching

Search engines also use AI to help users find localized search results. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Atlanta, it won’t help you much to get search results for a lawyer in San Francisco. The AI algorithms search engines implement use the data you provide to ensure users who search for what you offer can find you. It’s important to understand how AI affects local searches because it can help you enhance your SEO strategy accordingly. If you’re new to local SEO, our SEO company can help you set up useful platforms like Google Business Profile to increase your visibility to users in your area.

Is It Worth Integrating AI Into My SEO Strategy?

We just gave you a lot of information at once, and it’s a lot to process. We completely understand that at this point, you’re probably still wondering whether it’s worth it to work with our SEO company to help you integrate AI into your SEO strategy. As an SEO company, we’ll tell you it is and AI is the future, but we want you to make that decision confidently based on the facts. Here’s a quick summary of some ways you can use AI in your SEO strategy to make it more efficient:

Find Ways to Rank Higher using Artificial Intelligence

The primary goal of any SEO strategy is to be seen, and finding ranking opportunities your competitors have passed up is key to pushing to the top of the SERP. Lots of tools use AI to help marketing teams identify and exploit these opportunities. Some help you find keywords to target, while others, like LinkHunter, can help you find ways to build more backlinks to your site.

Discover New Opportunities for Content Creation with AI

Once you find opportunities to rank higher, you can create content aligned with your collected data. We’ve already discussed how search engines use AI to determine quality content, but you can also use AI to create it. For example, after you use an AI keyword tool that allows you to find trending topics around the keyword, topics that need attention, and the length of your content to give you a competitive edge.

Modernize Your Content Optimization Strategy

Optimizing existing content is just as important to your SEO strategy as creating new content. Search engines look for relevant results, and old or unreliable resources will not get you the ranking results you want. Besides, who wants to give their customers outdated information? Using AI tools can help you evaluate and optimize your topical content more effectively by helping you find trending searches you can target.

How Does AI in SEO Affect Marketing Teams?

While we can all acknowledge the benefits of AI, professionals across industries have expressed concern about what AI means for their teams. Some businesses have avoided adopting AI practices because they’re afraid they’ll make their teams obsolete.

Thankfully, AI in SEO doesn’t replace marketing teams. Instead, it gives them the tools to make their practices more efficient and boost company revenue. If anything, it makes marketing teams even more indispensable. Here are some beneficial changes marketing teams can make to incorporate AI into their marketing strategies:

Enhance Content Creation Methods with AI Tools

The best content creators combine their writing skills and passion for storytelling with proven methods for reaching their target audiences. AI in SEO doesn’t mean you’ll replace your content writing team with an automated system. It means you’ll give your content creators innovative resources that allow them to take advantage of emerging technologies to create content that drives results. By taking advantage of hidden keyword and linking opportunities, they can use AI to help you rank higher, get seen, and grow your customer base.

Optimize Evergreen ContentPerformance Marketing

Just as it’s important to monitor your topical content and update it often, you can’t just let your evergreen content sit forever, either. The point of evergreen content is to give your customers information that isn’t time-sensitive, but as SEO approaches and search engine algorithms change, your marketing team should update evergreen content regularly to make sure it’s still relevant. AI-powered SEO tools can help you evaluate how well your target audience receives your evergreen content and how you can make improvements to increase views and interactions.

Learn More About the Customer Journey

AI SEO tools can help you learn more about how the customer experiences your brand without spending excessive time compiling and organizing data. Analytics programs do the work for you by providing everything from basics like views and likes to advanced insights. Depending on the AI analytics programs you use, you can typically view the data numerically or in a visual format, so you can physically see how the customer interacts with you.

You can learn more about your customers by analyzing important AI-driven insights like attribution, length of page visits, return visits, and lead source. You can use this data to streamline the user experience, which can help you maintain your current customer base and target new customers.

Enlist the Help of an SEO Company

Working with an SEO company is an effective way to help your marketing team develop new skills, methods, and strategies that can benefit your company in an ever-changing technical landscape. Incorporating AI into your marketing approach from scratch might seem intimidating, which is why a lot of companies avoid it completely. Think of working with an SEO company as a partnership. You can develop a mutually beneficial relationship that helps your marketing team get ahead by working together.

How Can an SEO Company Help Me Establish an AI in SEO Strategy?

At EWR Digital, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Your needs aren’t the same as everyone else’s, and we want to know exactly what your goals are before we collaborate with you to create an SEO strategy that helps your company grow and thrive. Since 1999, our award-winning team has helped our clients get ahead by developing innovative solutions that take advantage of the newest and most efficient technologies.

If you want more information on how we can help you establish a solid AI in SEO strategy, contact us today to get started!

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