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Bitcoin continues to be one of the fastest growing topics in the world, as it has the potential to disrupt the financial service even further. For those unfamiliar, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that is used as a store of value, to transfer value and to purchase goods and services.

Currently you either purchase Bitcoin with a fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. With that, many people continue to become interested in the topic. Thus, this leaves the door open for businesses and companies to market the topic and potentially earn revenue. With that, there are a few avenues to consider when marketing Bitcoin.

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What to Consider in Bitcoin Marketing

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Ease of Use

First is to go at the market by advertising the ease of use. If you are marketing for a retail store, you can market on the ease of use when purchasing a good or service.

Should you be marketing for a financial start-up, look to implement how Bitcoin can cut out the middleman.

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer money transfer, eliminating anyone in the middle, leading to a more direct approach to transferring assets. Many Bitcoin apps let you exchange coins with a simple snapshot of a QR code. Ease of use allows you to sell the ultimate product, the saving of time.

Bitcoin saves you time.


Bitcoin utilizes the blockchain network, which, in short, is a public ledger that verifies all transactions that utilize Bitcoin. While the ledger is public, all transactions are encrypted and are unable to be fraudulently utilized. With that, the blockchain itself is essential unhackable due to its nature.

The blockchain network is a public ledger that verifies all Bitcoin transactions.

When marketing Bitcoin, this is a strong point to drive home because with current transmittal methods, it leaves a risk that data will be intercepted and used fraudulently. Any time you can show a more secure way of doing business, it will bring the user comfort and trust in the service.

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Increase in Value

The last topic to potentially consider includes the potential appreciation of Bitcoin’s value. Similar to a traditional currency, the value will rise and fall, affecting the purchasing power of that particular currency.

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With Bitcoin, the movements are greater and are felt directly. While there is some risk, to market Bitcoin you can certainly advertise the potential for appreciation of value. There are trustworthy exchanges on the market, and these are the locations one can purchase and sell Bitcoin.

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Before going to market with Bitcoin marketing strategies, it’s important to understand what avenue you choose as this will dictate what you say and who you gear it towards.

While the market continues to grow, it only offers more potential to establish your business as an industry leader. Contact the experts at EWR Digital by clicking the button below or calling us at 713-592-6724.

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