Why Bitcoin Marketing is important to your business

Jan 4, 2019

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Matt Bertram

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Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular each day. As a result, businesses are starting to adopt Bitcoin and benefiting from its uses within their company. Bitcoin (BTC) offers several advantages for businesses, including the ability to transact with anyone globally, decreased transaction fees, and increased security. This article will identify why Bitcoin would work with your company and what marketing tactics to use to grow with this new digital currency. 

What to Consider When Adopting Bitcoin

Before you adopt Bitcoin, you should first understand the fundamentals of how Bitcoin works and why it would be a fit for your business. Since Bitcoin is only a digital asset – there are some glaring differences between traditional fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions and control new units. Each Bitcoin transaction is verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a dispersed public ledger called a blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain provides a transparent and secure recording of each transaction viewable to anyone accessing the chain.

While fiat currencies are backed by the country that issues them – Bitcoin has no financial backing. Another currency or large business does not support Bitcoin – BTC gains value when the demand is higher than the supply. When a cryptocurrency is valuable and desirable (like Bitcoin), more people want to own that coin – driving up the demand. 

Why Would You Use Bitcoin For Your Business?

If you are a business owner and not sure if you should transition into using Bitcoin, there are several reasons why this currency may be a good fit for your business. Five reasons to add Bitcoin to your business include:

  • Global Reach
  • Decreased transaction fees
  • Built-in blockchain security
  • Easy to use
  • Can increase in value

Global Reach

If you use Bitcoin for your business transactions, you can transact with anyone in the world without having to worry about exchange rates or fees. Bitcoin is a global currency with no borders.

Decreased Transaction Fees

Bitcoin transaction fees are significantly lower than traditional credit card or wire transfer fees. For businesses that use a significant amount of digital transfers, these fees can substantially save your business over time.

Built-in Blockchain Security

Your businesses can feel confident that your transactions will be processed securely and reliably. Bitcoin’s blockchain technology provides a high level of security for all transactions. The Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger system and can be verified by anyone.

Easy to Use

With the right cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitcoin is easy to use and can be integrated into your business with relative ease. In addition, Bitcoin wallets are available for all devices, making them a convenient option for businesses of all sizes.

Can Increase in Value

Bitcoin can increase in value over time – providing an additional return on investment for businesses that adopt this digital currency. While there is always risk associated with any investment (BTC can also decrease in value), Bitcoin offers a unique opportunity for businesses to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin: How To Market Your Business’ Usage?

Now that you understand some reasons why you should consider using Bitcoin for your business, here are six marketing tactics you can use to grow awareness about how your business use Bitcoin in its operations:

1.) Bitcoin as a payment option on your website or physical storefront. Bitcoin can be used to purchase goods and services, making it easy for customers to pay with cryptocurrency.

2.) Bitcoin merchant processing. Bitcoin merchant processing makes it easy for businesses to accept Bitcoin payments from customers and convert them into fiat currency.

3.) Bitcoin ATMs. Install a Bitcoin ATM in your business and allow customers to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly.

4.) Social media marketing. Use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share information about how your business is using Bitcoin. Be sure to use the appropriate hashtags so that potential customers can find this content easily.

5.) Email marketing campaigns. Create email marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of Bitcoin for businesses. This tactic is a great way to reach customers who may not be familiar with this type of currency.

6.) Bitcoin education. Offer Bitcoin educational resources like webinars, blog posts, or podcasts to help educate customers and employees about Bitcoin and its potential business use.

Market Your Bitcoin Company With EWR Digital

Before going to market with Bitcoin marketing strategies, understand how your business will benefit from Bitcoin and market your service to your audience. While this market continues to grow, it only offers more potential to establish your business as an industry leader.

EWR Digital can help you develop an overall Bitcoin Marketing strategy that will work best for your company, including website design, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), social media campaigns, and email marketing. We also offer Bitcoin merchant processing services so you can start accepting Bitcoin payments from customers right away. Contact the experts at EWR Digital by clicking the button below or calling us at 713-592-6724.

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