4 Reasons Google Adwords Is Great

Mar 22, 2018

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Geoff Campbell

Geoff Campbell is a PPC and Paid Media Manager for eCommerce, Industrial, and Enterprise brands.

Google AdWords is one of the top go-to tools for internet marketing. If you’re advertising, you need to be using Google AdWords.

Whether you are familiar with it or not, get ready to learn more about what makes Google AdWords great and how you can use it to make your marketing even better.

For every dollar spent on online advertising in the US, 42 cents goes to Google.

What Makes Google AdWords Great

  • Any business can use it and start making money with it
  • It’s simple and easy to navigate
  • You only pay when desired actions are achieved
  • It’s measurable
  • It’s scalable and flexible

4. Google AdWords is for everyone.

Whether your business is large, medium, or small, it doesn’t matter. Any size business can utilize Google AdWords and make money with it. Even yours!

As is Google’s forte with their other products, AdWords is easy to navigate and simple to understand once you start using it. Get started with the AdWords Basics with Google’s official guide.

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3. You only pay when someone takes action.

The best part? You don’t pay a dime until a user does what you want them to do!

In other words, you only pay when users take actions you want them to take, like clicking on your PPC ad in search results.

Here’s how it works:

You set up a PPC ad in Google AdWords.

Someone does a search for terms related to your business.

They see your ad at the top of the page, like this:

The top placement on the results page makes it easier for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for: you!

And the easier it is for them to find what they want, the easier it is for you to get more customers.

So the user clicks on your ad. When they do, you pay a fee!

It’s basically a way to buy website traffic for your business.

2. ROI is extremely high when you use Google AdWords.

Source: Neil Patel

“AdWords is a really easy way to get your money’s worth, often boasting a ROI in the hundreds of percentage points.”Neil Patel

(ROI means Return On Investment.)

Yes, this is normal and totally possible.

Just make sure you know the accurate costs and margins of whatever it is you sell.

Note that the more search volume you have for your chosen keywords, the bigger you can scale your ROI (the more results you can get!).

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1. AdWords Gives You Measurable Results and Customization

One of the toughest parts of SEO is measuring results. You can’t always know what caused your ranking to increase or decrease. AdWords is super transparent, meaning it provides you with tons of PPC metrics that tell you what’s working well and what’s not doing so great. In other words, AdWords helps you secure better ROI.

Furthermore, you can trust that your effort will be worth it when you create an AdWords campaign. According to WordStream:

One of the trickiest challenges for any marketer is finding lead sources that scale – meaning, it doesn’t require five times the effort to get five times the leads. Google AdWords is highly scalable, which is why some business spend millions of dollars a year on AdWords advertising. If you create an AdWords campaign that is converting at a profitable rate, there is no reason to arbitrarily cap spend on that campaign. You can increase your PPC budget and your leads and profits will increase accordingly. This makes AdWords highly effective for businesses that need a lot of leads but are short on time and heads.

Google AdWords allows you so many customization options, so your campaign can be hyper-targeted for your specific needs. Do things like:

  • Narrow your audience by time of day, location, language, browser, device type, and more
  • Use ad extensions to display other information, like phone numbers, product information, service offerings, and more
  • Specific Keyword Match – Only have your ad show to people who search for an exact keyword (i.e. “Houston pool cleaning“)

Learn More About Keyword Matching Here

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