10 Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website for Digital Marketing

Feb 11, 2024

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As of this year, there are about 1.7 billion websites with less than 300 million active ones. More websites spawn every day by the thousands. Businesses have set their eyes towards the internet for a wider reach. The aim is simple: to bring in more customers with this wider accessibility.

This strategy shifts as more people access the internet through their mobile devices. They now can communicate, interact, and conduct transactions on the go. This grants a great amount of power and convenience for both consumers and businesses.

If you have a business, cash in on this trend and grow your customers. Businesses gain much from having a mobile-friendly website. If you need help or guidance, read on below to start making your mobile-friendly website. 

Here Are 10 Mobile-Friendly Website Advantages For Digital Marketing:

Mobile-Friendly Website Marketing - EWR Digital

1. A Mobile-Friendly Website Can Provide Better Accessibility

One of the benefits of having a website for mobile is increasing its accessibility towards any device. People can access your website faster and easier when you have a website geared towards mobile internet.

This opens up a lot of possibilities. You can target an audience to advertise towards using a demographic, which can help you grow your business and increase the number of customers you cater to.

Another aspect you can look into is introducing mobile apps for your consumers. This allows for a more convenient option in availing of your products or services.

Some good examples of mobile-friendly websites include Etsy, Typeform, Shutterfly, and Evernote. You can access them on a computer as intended. But they look stunning when you visit their site on your mobile device.

2. A Mobile Friendly Website Provides A Better User Experience

Accessibility is gold when it comes to online since trends lean towards usability in mobile devices. If people have a better experience when checking out your website, they’re more likely to return. 

What makes users shy away from other websites is that it doesn’t translate well on small screens. It ends up with text being too small or having unplayable content. 

This becomes a mess when viewed on mobile phones to the point that users will immediately leave that website in a split second.

This design principle extends to having readable text on mobile or having simplified yet intuitive elements fitting for touchscreens.

3. You Can Expect Faster Loading Times With A Mobile-Friendly Website

When you have a website for mobile, faster loading time is an asset. Getting all your information out there makes a customer feel welcomed and invites them further. Take too long, and your customers might decide to pass on your website. 

To operate at the best level when browsing on a phone or tablet, consider upgrading your servers.

This approach also helps your website. Optimizing to operate faster on mobile devices translates towards better site performance. This occurs regardless of the platform used.

Consider checking out these tips on optimizing your website’s speed. When your website loads faster, you can be sure that your customers have a better experience. They can check out the content you have for them without a hitch.

4. Customers Stay Longer on Site With A Mobile Friendly Website

Think about potential customers that stumble on your website. It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website. It takes less than a second for them to decide whether they stay to look around. Or to close the tab and move on towards another.

In that short amount of time, you have to make sure that your website has made a good first impression. It’s a good thing your sites now have the advantage of speed and ease of use. 

The worst combination in leaving the first impression comes from slow loading times, broken layouts, and bad user experience. Even if one of these negative points appears on your website, it can cause them to leave your website faster.

5. Get Higher Search Engine Rankings With A Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the goals of SEO is to ensure your website appears at the top of the search results. Optimizing for search engine rankings is an investment that you can rely on, after all. 

Once they type the keywords, users tend to take on the first item on the search engine results.

Your website has better chances of appearing on top when you also consider mobile SEO. When you have a mobile-friendly website, you have a better chance of appearing on top. In this case, when a user conducts a search related to your business.

On top of that, Google algorithms favor these websites. This puts merit on the strategy of optimizing your website with mobile devices in mind. 

6. Improved Online Visibility and Reach With a Mobile-Friendly Website

We mentioned how mobile-friendly websites open up more channels for users to access them. Combine that with mobile SEO, and you see the benefit of increased visibility online. This means that with the right SEO practices and viable mobile marketing strategies, your business becomes the first one they see.

You want users to become customers doing business with you. With the right keywords and local optimization, your website appears when looking for products or services within the local area.

Now combine this with both your social media accounts and mobile apps. Now you increase your online presence and reach even further. 

7. A Mobile Friendly Website Makes Your Website “Future-Proof.”

About billions of people access the internet through smartphones and tablets. This makes the internet easier to access when you also account for the presence and use of wireless networks on these portable devices.

A responsive website, especially when viewed on mobile devices, prepares you for the rapid changes that have come over the years. These changes in trends come in fast, especially online, so it’s time to adapt.

Google and other search engines push towards the “mobile-only” model. Thus prepare your website to be ready for that transition. When you have a mobile-friendly website, you are keeping up with the shifting trends.

8. A Mobile Friendly Website Helps Build Reputation and Credibility

Mobile-Friendly Marketing - EWR Digital

The elements of a great first impression include beautiful layouts, ease of use, and fast loading times. Mobile-friendly websites make that a point by looking beautiful and responsive on a small screen. Once you have established a great first impression, these users turn into customers.

With a well-designed, mobile-friendly website, you build reputation and credibility. Users spread testimonials and experiences to other users, allowing them to market you for free due to the excellent service and experience they received. 

Consider this thought. 57% of internet users would not recommend a business with a poor website design on mobile. The website is the business’s front office on the internet, so you want it to look good.

By building on that foundation, you can get more customers to check your website out—bank on creating a lasting first impression.

Get them on that impression and maintain it. Once you do, you have loyal customers that will put a good word for you to their friends and family.

9. A Mobile Friendly Website Adds a Competitive Edge 

With a mobile-friendly website, you can be ahead of the competition. You get ahead of other businesses and companies that have not taken advantage of the mobile market. You also become capable of going neck and neck with others that are venturing towards the online market.

Combine this with the “mobile-only” trend. Your website will either gain and maintain its relevance. Make sure you don’t end up left behind due to clunky design and bad optimization.

Try visiting the websites of your competitors. Go and see if they have mobile optimization. This should give you a good handle on what you are up against. 

10. A Mobile Friendly Website Lowers Maintenance Costs

The best thing about having a website for mobile is that you have fewer expenses to dole out. Imagine the trouble you have to go through when you use time and resources to reformat your blog posts and resize many photos and fonts. Imagine that constantly. 

When you put mobile devices in mind for designing and optimizing the website, the effort becomes hassle-free. It becomes easier to format as the changes become automatic. You also end up with a better-looking website that runs fast on a smartphone.

At the start, it might look like you have to make an upfront investment to make this work. It needs skilled professionals to give the website the necessary tweaks. Or it may need an overhaul. But once you have your website mobile-ready, you save time and money.

Go for a Mobile-Friendly Website Today

A website for mobile can change the tides for your business. Not only does it let you reach your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back. 

Take steps in gearing your website in this direction. Not only does it make your business visible, but also enticing and reliable.

To ensure that your website gets the means to become mobile-friendly, we have the means to help you. We offer online marketing solutions for your business. Such as SEO, web design and development, and much more. You can contact us today for a consultation, and we can help you get your website what it needs to get a competitive edge online.


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