Difference Between Web Design And Graphic Design

May 21, 2018

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Do You Know the Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design?

I was once asked, what’s the difference in website design and graphic design? They both serve a different role, and both have their own purpose, but to understand web design better let’s take a minute to compare the two.

Most people don’t know the difference in web and graphic design and just assume they both do the same thing, which isn’t entirely false.

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What is Web Design?

Web Design

Website design includes tons of different skills and disciplines in the construction and upkeep of websites. There are a ton of must-haves for web design, that include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Frequently many people work in teams so they can cover different features of the design process, although some designers will do it all themselves.

“Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.”

Mohamed Saad

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the method of visual messaging and critical thinking utilizing at least one of the following: typography, photography, and illustration. The field is considered a subgroup of visual messaging and communication design; however, occasionally the term “graphic design” is used synonymously.

Graphic Designers create images, pictures, and content to shape visual portrayals of thoughts and messages. They utilize typography, visual expressions, and page design strategies to make visual structures.

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”

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What is the Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design?

Visual components


Normally when designing, the decision for text style is all the more open in graphic design. Since it’s not important to stress over the execution of the last impact. All the content will in the long run yield for the illustrations printing. Be that as it may, the website designer needs to think about more comprehensive.

It has a small scope, keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from the weight on the server by the yield. Because of the qualities of HTML, all text styles depend on the default textual style of client’s working framework. With the improvement of innovation, this whole step by step is limited.

The present API in light of HTML5 could accomplish the utilization of customized textual styles without the need of yield for illustrations. That incredibly upgrades the client encounter while without the danger of expanding the back-end weight in the meantime.


In the utilization of graphics, the visual communication has a greater number of exhibits than the website designer, mainly for the e-commerce sites. The overall plan makes the idea become more clear, and the same on the visual performance. Moreover, the visual design is no reason to take the final results into account. The graphic design also uses the concept of physical sizes, such as inches, centimeters, millimeters, etc., while the web design uses pixels.


Graphic design and web designs color modes are very different. Because of printing, graphic design utilizes the CMYK color mode. Since the color use on graphic design is more centered around visual effect and visual stream direction, while website design utilizes RGB (The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. The name of the model comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors, red, green, and blue). as indicated by its uncommon imaging mode, and it more spotlights on coaxing out the connection between the data structure (for item classification). Since an excess of solid hues on the site that is anything but difficult to cause visual weakness for site guests.

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Website Design

Now that you have a better understanding between the two, let’s dive a little deeper into website design.


When it comes down to marketing your website, it’s valuable to have a web designer that understands the different markets and trends of its audience. It is also important that the web designer understands the type of website they are designing, for example, an e-commerce website has a different design from that of a business-to-business website.

The web designer should also take into consideration the reputation of the business owner to make sure they are portrayed in a positive way.

Experience and Interactive Design 

Everyone wants a great experience when they visit a website right? Of course, understand the users and what they expect from a website can be challenging. However, as long as the layout and labeling of the website are clear, your users shouldn’t run into any issues.

How well a potential user sees how they can connect on a site may likewise rely upon the intelligent outline of the site. On the off chance that a user sees the ease of the site, they will probably continue to use it.

Website Layout

Have you ever clicked on a website and the page is all over the place, no structure, no flow, every page is different? It can get quite annoying, of course, sometimes it’s not always up to the person designing the website. When designing the layout, make sure it is also mobile friendly, you might have the best layout and it may be easy to navigate when using the desktop; however, the mobile layout may be completely different.

Motion Graphics

The page design and UI may be influenced by the utilization of motion graphics. The decision to use motion graphics may rely upon the target audience for the site. Motion graphics are normally seen in an entertainment style of website. Though sometimes audiences like to see motion graphics no matter the style of the website, it’s more of a distraction if anything.

Whats the one thing you want when building a website? Traffic.

Adam Gregory

Code Quality

Code, I can honestly tell you I don’t understand it, but it can make or break a website. The great thing about code is it can be fixed, and most host sites like WordPress will let you know if your code is broken and where the problem lies.

Static and Dynamic Websites

A static website has fixed content on each page, and each page is coded in HTML and shows the same information to anyone visiting the site. Static websites are a basic type of website and are super simple to build. Where a dynamic website does not require any web programming or database design.

A dynamic website changes depending on the who the viewer is, the time, time zone, native language, among other things. A dynamic website might contain scripting from the client’s side or server-side scripting to generate the changing content or a combination of both.

There is still much more that goes into website design, a website can’t just be thrown together overnight. The best tip I can offer is to make sure you choose a company with a proven track record when it comes to building websites.

Web Design Ideas

So now that you understand what web design is, check out the “20 Must-Haves for Awesome Web Design,” to help your website shine!

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