Navigating the Dips: Understanding and Resolving Decreases in Website Traffic

Feb 24, 2024

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Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is a award-winning marketing consultant and SEO Expert. He is the lead digital strategist at EWR Digital. Host of the Best SEO Podcast and Co-Host of the Oil and Gas sales and marketing podcast.
understanding traffic dips

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the ebb and flow of website traffic can be a source of both excitement and concern for businesses. If you’ve noticed a recent decline in your website traffic, you’re not alone. We’ve seen a number of challenges with a variety of websites that are struggling to gain traffic even when their organic positions are improving. I will unravel the mysteries behind common causes of reduced website traffic and equip you with actionable strategies to reignite your online presence. From adapting to algorithm updates and fortifying website security to refining keyword strategies and mitigating the impact of design changes, this guide is your roadmap to understanding, troubleshooting, and ultimately elevating your website traffic.

“Overlooking SEO considerations during the design process can negatively impact traffic”

1. Adapting to Algorithm Updates:

A common culprit for decreased website traffic is a search engine algorithm update. Search engines like Google and Bing constantly refine their algorithms to improve user experience. An updated algorithm can impact your website’s ranking, either improving it or causing a decline. To adapt, focus on a cross-channel marketing strategy, incorporating paid ads, social media, and email to diversify traffic sources. Additionally, stay informed about algorithm changes through industry research to make necessary adjustments.

2. Transitioning to HTTPS:

Unsecured websites using HTTP may experience a substantial and permanent drop in traffic due to heightened online security concerns. Google Chrome and other browsers now alert users when visiting HTTP sites, discouraging them from proceeding. To address this, collaborate with developers to transition your site to HTTPS. Acquire a dedicated IP address, purchase an SSL certificate, and follow through with its activation and installation. Redirect users to the secure site to ensure a seamless transition and maintain trust.

3. Updating Your Keyword Strategy:

An outdated keyword strategy can lead to a gradual decline in website traffic. Regularly review your content’s search relevance, adapting to changes in user search habits. Conduct keyword audits to identify outdated or generic terms and research alternative keywords with higher search volume. Revise your content to incorporate these keywords, enhancing its relevance and visibility in search results. This investment in optimizing content aligns with evolving user preferences and boosts your content marketing and SEO strategies. Don’t forget to look at your paid search terms to identify new opportunities on the SEO front. 

4. Mitigating Design Impact on SEO:

Redesigning your website is essential for a modern look and improved user experience. However, overlooking SEO considerations during the design process can negatively impact traffic. Issues like unoptimized content, page replacements without 301 redirects, changes to site structure without updating the sitemap, and missing Google Analytics tracking code can hinder search engine rankings. Restore previous versions, optimize new content, update the sitemap, and implement 301 redirects to recover traffic and safeguard your SEO strategy.

5. Data Inaccuracy Check:

In the realm of good news, a sudden traffic drop may be attributed to data inaccuracies rather than actual decreases. Double-check your analytics tracking to ensure accurate data collection. Verify that your web analytics tracking hasn’t been removed or altered. Instances like misplaced tracking code or disruptions in third-party data services can create false impressions of traffic drops. Before delving into major strategy changes, rule out tracking errors, ensuring your decisions are based on reliable data.

Additional Reasons for Traffic Decrease:

Explore seven more potential causes for a decline in website traffic, including broken 301 redirects, manual Google penalties, slow page speed, poor internal linking, unreliable servers, duplicate content, and an unindexed site. Each issue comes with recommended solutions, offering a comprehensive guide to diagnose and address various factors contributing to reduced traffic.

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