poem to google

Nov 24, 2023

Google Logo

Hey Google algorithm, my digital buddy, In the vast online playground, let’s get a bit muddy. I’m knocking on your code, with a hopeful cheer, Help me out, dear algorithm, let’s make things clear.

No need for robes or divine intervention, Just some SEO magic, a little prevention. In the SERP dance, let’s groove together, Boost my site’s vibe, make it last forever.

Like a cool DJ, spinning through the links, Let’s craft a rhythm, that really syncs. Crawl through the pages, index with glee, In this SEO party, let’s set my site free.

No need for solemn prayers or grand plea, Just a friendly chat, you and me. Guide my content, with an algorithmic wink, In this digital friendship, let’s make my site slink.

Oh Google buddy, algorithmic mate, Help me rock the SERPs, don’t be late. Through the cyber-maze, let’s find the way, To more traffic, where the fun keywords play.

So here’s to you, algorithmic friend of mine, Let’s boost those rankings, let the good times shine. In this digital adventure, where websites play, Help me out, Google, let’s seize the day!