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Nov 2, 2018

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Qays Zubaidi

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Web design trends have been on your mind lately. Especially since the last person to visit your website asked if it was part of a “webring.”

“Guess it’s time to update.” But as you brainstorm ideas you realize you don’t know the latest web design trends of 2018.

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If you’ve been wanting latest and greatest in web design, read on.

Your website should be visible on any medium.

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Responsive Design

There’s a famous saying that “style never goes out of style.” The same can be said for web design trends. And one of the most stylish design trends that never goes “out of style” is responsive web design.

What is responsive web design? It makes sure that your website can be viewed well on any medium: Phone, desktop, tablet….anywhere. And with more and more people using phones to browse the web, it makes sense.


There has been a lot of talk about inclusiveness these days, and for a good reason. Being inclusive means we can expand our audience reach. And the best way to do that is to include them in our design process. How?

Let’s take a look at color. When you’re dreaming up your new web design, make sure the colors you use don’t look odd or out of place for those with color blindness.

Or, if you have any videos, make sure to have subtitles so users with hearing challenges. Subtitles are also perfect in case people need clarification on something.


I know some of you are thinking, “chatbots, really?” but hear us out. While chatbots have been overused in the AOL Instant Messenger days, chatbots have proved to be super useful today.

It works like this: suppose you get a lot of the same questions. You might post the answers in your FAQ, but they still come anyway. Having a chatbot pop up means people can get those simple questions answered fast. And you won’t have to waste time explaining yourself – yet again.

But the best part about chatbots is that they can help users get in contact with a real human if need be.

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Let’s say someone comes to your website. Their first few questions are answered fine, but as they poke around your site they realize they have deeper questions to ask. A chatbot can relay the information to you so the user can get the answers they need.

Chatbots are also good at finding information. Suppose someone is looking for a certain page on your website. They poke around and click but can’t seem to find it. Instead of pouring over the long list of links in the sitemap, users can simply ask the chatbot and be directed where they want to go fast.

It’s a simple web design trend that helps you loads.

Floating navigation is navigation that “floats” above where the user scrolls.

Floating Navigation

Another helpful website trend of 2018 is floating navigation. This is navigation that “floats” above where the user scrolls. This is helpful for a few reasons. Imagine a user is viewing a blog of yours and as they reach the bottom they realize it’s not the one they wanted. Instead of having to scroll ALL the way up to the to the blog link, it’s right there near their cursor. All they have to do is click the blog and BOOM! Blogs abound.


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Top Web Design Trends 10

No, we don’t mean those annoying videos that popped up right as you clicked on the link. Today’s animations are a little more subtle.

Instead of being front and center, they are usually tucked in the background with small moving parts. It could be text moving around for a quick moment, or a drawing changing shape.

The point with these animations are that they don’t detract from the user experience and instead heighten the experience. has many great examples of animation web design trends.


These are like the animations we talked about above with one huge difference. They are controlled by the website visitor. It could be an image that changes when they scroll past it or click on it. uses this website trend to its fullest potential.

When you start at the top of the iPhone XS page you see two phones. But as you scroll through the phones are pushed aside to show information and specs. It’s a neat trick that really shows off their product and what it can do.

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Art courtesy of MailChimp

Original Art

This is a perfect way to set your website apart from the rest. Do you remember why you had a logo designed? Of course you do! A logo gives your company an identity, something that people see as you. And logos work really well. If you’re driving along and see Golden Arches you know a McDonald’s is close by.

It’s the same with your logo and original art. Now, we’re not saying you can’t use stock photography. It can be great if you need a quick visual aid for a blog post. But original art can really up your website design AND show off your distinctive style.

Imagine this a moment. Your business is gaining authority on banking. People know that when it comes to issues about money, you’re the website to turn to.

Then, one day someone wants to know the current interest rates. So they Google it. Up pops your website with your original art stamp. The moment they see your original art they’ll be no mistaking it. It’s your website with your thoughts, just what they wanted.

One of the best examples of this website design trend is MailChimp. Their images are done in the same vein as their logo and once you see it, you know exactly where you are.

Round Edges

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If you’ve been on Facebook lately you might have noticed some subtle changes. One of them is the rounded edges you see on the comments section of posts. It’s become a popular trend that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

All people have to do is click to real the extra options. 

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Hamburger Menu

This is a simple website design trend that’s super effective. They call it the hamburger menu because it looks like a perfectly stacked burger. It’s become popular because it’s a sleek and handy way to store your extra pages.

All people have to do is click on it to reveal the extra options your website has.

Shading and Depth

Just like rounded edges, adding some depth and shading to your pictures has been on trend. It brings your images to life and gives your website a fresh new look.

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Unique Fonts

Unique fonts are like original art. They make your website design stand out and give your website a design people know as your own. When they see that font they’ll think of you and everything your website does.

And you don’t have to pay big to get fonts. Yes, they are totally and completely free. How? They’re from a website called has more fonts that you can imagine and in many, many styles.

Want something classic and simple like the Helvetica? Try Coolvetica from Dafont creature Typodermic Fonts. Or maybe you need something with a spacy-NASA like feel? Try Typodermic Fonts’s Nasalization!

Adding these interesting fonts to your page builds out your brand’s style. But be sure to keep the fonts consistent. If you add too many different fonts your website can look cluttered and unfinished. So pick a font that fits your style and go to town!

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