Improving The ROI Of A New Website

Apr 4, 2023

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Qays Zubaidi

Senior Web Developer

Any web design company aims to make sure that it represents the client’s brand in the best possible light, that all information balances with the messaging and personality of the company. If the site meshes well with the company, then marketing tactics become more productive, making the website a legitimate asset of the business. Unfortunately, not every owner or client understands how assets, like websites, contribute to the valuation of the company. Interactive and well-defined sites attract customers and encourage retention, ultimately producing brand loyalty.

If you can look at a website as an asset and an essential operating tool, then it is more comfortable to discuss a website in business terms, like return-on-investment. Too many clients want to spend as little as possible on web design because they do not understand the value of a polished site. To understand the ROI of a website, you must first comprehend the benefits and costs of website design.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Website

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When working with web designers, you need to state your needs and budget clearly, so they understand your limits, but you must also acknowledge their expertise. Designers understand the strategies and etiquette of building digital landscapes. They want to ensure that you are not only satisfied with the result but that your business benefits from their time and effort. If you can find the balance of defining your needs and adhering to the advice of experienced designers, then your company can experience the many benefits of a well-designed website.

  • Increased Exposure: The primary benefit of a well-executed design strategy is the increase in traffic. It is not uncommon for a business to experience between 5% and 10% in traffic after a website overhaul. The reason for the increase is the adhesion to SEO standards and the production of relevant and unique content. When a site is continually being refreshed with unique information that follows proper SEO, then the site ranks naturally in the search engines, which increases organic leads.
  • Higher Lead Conversions: Another benefit of responsive web design is that it encourages consumer interaction. By requesting contact information, or providing forms or request options, a business encourages interaction, which naturally leads to higher conversions.
  • Improved Customer Retention: A company that sells various single-use items or larger, higher-priced items may find customer retention challenges. By incorporating a blog into your website design, you can increase your retention rates because you are adding continued value through informational and relevant content. However, make sure the information you provide is relevant to your business or service.
  • Brand Recognition and Equity: Consumers today expect businesses to have websites, but not just cheap and straightforward designs. Your website presents your legitimacy in the marketplace. While an excellent sales team can draw consumers into the benefits of your product or service, if your website is weak or nonexistent, then you will likely lose the potential sale. Clients today verify reputation and service through your website pages, make sure they look professional.
  • Improved Recruitment and Hiring: Have you ever heard the term hiring asset? Many people refer to benefits packages as hiring assets. It is something that attracts talent to your business. A website is a significant asset because it demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to the brand, which encourages applicants and helps your HR department with recruiting.

Understanding Website Costs

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When speaking with a web design company, understand that price dictates sales necessity. In other words, the more expensive your site development, the more sales you need to make to break even before making a profit. However, while creating a costly website may be unnecessary, remember that a low-budget site is likely to turn prospective customers away. The key is to finding a balance between budget and design quality. When working with a designer, try to find one that provides expense itemization. The more you can customize a plan, the better you can control costs.

The ROI Equation

Now that you understand the benefits of web design and the importance of quality, it is time to discuss web design companies and the ROI equation. The equation is straightforward: (increase in revenue minus cost)/cost = return on investment. A design company will also understand the ROI, so if you are having a hard time committing to a specific design plan, ask them to break down the potential returns and those items most likely to contribute.

Calculating a Website’s ROI

To understand the ROI of web design and development, imagine a company that gets around 50 leads annually, with each lead valued at $10,000. The company is investing $15,000 on the new website. With an increase of 10% leads through increased traffic, higher conversion, and more consistent branding, the company can expect an ROI of 233%. Not bad for a relatively small investment, right?

Are you interested in discussing the benefits of web design for your business? If so, contact EWR Digital, your web design company, for assistance.