How To Market A Website And Boost Traffic And Sales With Houston Web Design

Apr 4, 2023

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Qays Zubaidi

Senior Web Developer

You cannot overlook the importance of Houston web design and marketing. While most businesses now understand the necessity of having a professional website, many do not understand the importance of marketing it, especially individual pages. If you do not advertise your content and its digital location, then people will struggle to find it, and search engines will ultimately ignore it. Marketing is crucial to discovery, and there are several ways to market a new website.

SEO Strategies

When discussing web design and development, you may hear terms like search engine optimization or SEO strategies. In the early days of Google, creators were mostly concerned with keyword placement, but today, algorithms require more finesse. While keyword selection and arrangement are still crucial to discovery, search engines use tools to ensure the words occur naturally and are not overstuffed in an attempt to deceive.

Beyond keywords, search engines want to provide users with the most current and relevant information related to their inquiry. Sites like Google routinely sweep the internet and new pages to identify unique and informational content. You can help the organic listings of your pages by updating them frequently.

Many search engines are also interested in sites that use accessibility strategies, like mobile-friendly designs. Honestly, beyond the SEO benefits, most consumers perform Google searches on their phones throughout the day.

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Content Creation

Another excellent way to market your new website is by investing in content creation. The more content you make, the more draw you will have to your pages and products. Companies can encourage website visits through blogs, videos, social media, and contributor accounts.

A company blog can encourage consumer loyalty because you offer value beyond your services and products. Consumers will continue to visit your site to learn valuable tips and insights into the product niche or category.

One of the most consumed pieces of content forms today is online video. By using video platforms, like YouTube, and posting unique and useful information, you encourage consumers. You can plug your website in both the video and description to promote more traffic.

Social media is becoming more popular every day, and it is a crucial part of business strategy. You can advertise your website in your companies profile, or you can use paid ads to draw traffic from the platform.

Finally, you can contribute to other blogs as an expert. For example, Medium is one of the most popular blogging platforms currently available. Create an account and post informative blogs often, linking back to your company website in your profile.

Customer Interaction

Web designers will do all they can to make your site SEO-friendly, but if you want to increase its popularity, then work on genuine customer interactions. Visit online forums and discussion boards and contribute. Answer questions or address concerns.

Beyond forums, build a contact list and dedicate time to email marketing efforts. Newsletters and announcements are a fantastic way to keep consumers involved in your business and to promote your website.

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Google and Search

When you first create a website, you need to notify Google of its creation. By submitting your URL, the search engine knows to crawl your site, which allows the algorithms to categorize it in the organic listings.

You can also create a My Business Account through Google. By making the account, you take advantage of local listings and searches so that consumers can find your website and business.

Finally, you can use Pay-Per-Click advertising to ensure listings for specific keywords. However, be careful about the budget when using PPC because costs build quickly.


Using Houston web design to adhere to SEO practices is only part of the discovery effort. You can and should use relevant online directories. Yelp, Trip Advisor, and other helpful platforms exist to help businesses and consumers find each other, so make sure you are creating listings.


Despite the focus on digital advertising, most companies still use print. You can use your mailers to highlight your new website and drive digital traffic more traditionally.


Web design companies will encourage you to take advantage of every marketing strategy available to increase traffic. While many business owners neglect it, in-person advertising is still useful. You can place the web address on sales receipts, business cards, or even signage.


While your website may include responsive web design, it means nothing if you cannot drive traffic to the pages. Thankfully, you can use press releases to advertise your site. Also, if you are doing any charitable or unique event, you can reach out to local news to cover the story and plug your business and site.

Houston web design is crucial to the success of any modern business. Unfortunately, when a company does not spend time on marketing their new site, they often fail to see a return on their investment. If you would like more information about website marketing strategy and design, contact EWR Digital, your web design team.