Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations: The Importance of Excellent Website Design

May 23, 2023

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Qays Zubaidi

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Your Customers’ Expectations on Website Design

In today’s information economy, every business – every single one – is expected to have a presence in the online marketplace with excellent website design. Taco trucks, dog parks, restaurants, music venues, bands, professional speakers and athletes, and just about everyone has a web presence. Like it or not, this is the reality of business today. You must be online. As the years have gone on, however, customer expectations have risen. Simply being online is not enough anymore.Your business also must be accessible, and you have to do it the right way.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have control over how your information is presented since they own the platforms the information is on. Your website is different in that YOU are in control of the content and how it is presented. Spending time customizing and optimizing your website design is a spectacular way to showcase the uniqueness of your business. The sky is the limit.

Taking Control

Prevent losing control of your reputation by getting online and working on your web presence immediately! The first step is excellent website design.

It is important to note your website is typically the only place where you have complete and total control online (within legal limits, of course). There are still strict laws governing privacy, piracy, copyright, data collection, and wiretapping, as well as ‘safe harbor’ for public platforms that allow individual posting, Section 230. Yes, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have more control over your data than you do because they own the platform. This ownership means they can limit, control, or even ban your content for any reason. It has happened to many people, and it will happen again. This is why having a website is so important. Social media cannot carry your business alone.

So What Does Excellent Website Design Look Like?

Good Website Design Enables Customer to Know, Like, and Trust You

After clicking through an ad, directory listing, or search engine results, your website is often the first impression a customer sees of your business. First impressions matter. Be sure to put your best foot forward with a website design that isn’t just good, but excellent. At EWR Digital, we don’t believe in website design that’s good enough – we only produce websites that give our clients excellent results. Your website should establish what your business is, what it does, and provide value to the customer not only financially, but also through establishing credibility and trust.

Reach All Your Customers

Does your website address the needs of all types of customers – the first-time visitor, the competition research visitor, and the ready-to-buy visitor? Does it help them solve problems and answer questions?

1.      The First-Time Visitor

The first-time visitor to your company’s website needs a basic level of awareness of your product or service. Why do they need what you are selling? What problem does it solve for them? Answer these questions in order to serve this type of customer.

2.      The Competition Research Visitor

Customers further along in their buying journey are likely doing some comparison research. For this customer your website must establish your authority and why you are better than the competition. Do you want to be known for your iron-clad guarantee? How about your 5-star customer service? Or is it your unmatched selection, low price guarantee, or customer satisfaction? Perhaps what makes you unique is something different altogether.

3.      The Ready-to-Buy Visitor

Finally, for your visitors who are ready to buy, the buying process must be easy, with as few obstacles as possible. How easy is it to find your site? Can they easily find the product they want? Make their purchase? Receive their confirmation? And ultimately, receive their product or service?

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Rising Above the Competition in Your Specific Industry

What works well for one industry may not work well for another. There are no cookie-cutter solutions for web design, yet many agencies continue to promote the same old things to their clients, regardless of their industry. These days it’s very easy to see website design agencies promote “mobile first” designs, even if their traffic is overwhelmingly desktop. Others look to impress their clients with “eye-catching” moving-image homepages, despite their proven loss in performance. The best custom website design agency will put performance at the heart of your online presence – and that’s exactly what we do here. At EWR Digital, we don’t rely on spectacular smoke and mirrors to impress our clients, because unlike other agencies, we lead with results. Our design goal is to get you excellent results to help grow your business. Our recommendations are ALWAYS based on your brand’s performance data and industry-tested best practices. Many of our clients have doubled and even tripled their business after working with us.

Which Results Matter Most to You?

Every EWR Digital custom website design is built with your best results in mind. For some that might mean online purchases. For others, it’s lead form submissions. Still others prefer phone calls.

Our full-service team of internet marketing experts puts all our skills together when developing your online brand, presence, and platform. We are far more than just a website design agency, we are a strategic business partner with over 17 years of experience in building businesses online. We give our clients the full package – not just a good-looking website. Your custom website design will promote branding and awareness, as well as educate and convert website visitors into buyers. It also must establish brand authority, provide trust and security, utilize testimonials as personal referrals, and create value with added benefits. This not only generates new leads for you, but also keeps current customers coming back over and over again. We focus on function and usability, performance and results. No other internet marketing company or web design agency can offer you the full package to take your business above and beyond the competition like EWR Digital can.

Web Design Best Practices

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