Crypto Marketing and Branding: 4 Tips For Businesses Ready For Crypto Marketing

Dec 10, 2021

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Matt Bertram

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Accepting cryptocurrency as payment from clients and customers, as well as paying your team via crypto, can give your business a unique angle. Accepting payments and making payments via cryptocurrency also allows your business to enter the cryptocurrency marketing space. Your business can differentiate and become a forward-thinking company via crypto marketing and branding. Using crypto for branding can seriously impact how your business is viewed and operates.

More and more people are adopting cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, or a form of technology that supports one or both. By marketing your business as crypto-friendly via crypto marketing and crypto branding can equal big-time profits down the road.

Did you know that confidence in cryptocurrency has almost reached 100 percent?Cryptocurrency Article cut out


This could be due to the exceptional rebound crypto had during the pandemic. Nearly every financial institution and/or commodity took a nosedive, including Bitcoin (the most popular and most valuable cryptocurrency.

Major Trends Chart

However, unlike any other financial institution or commodity, Bitcoin returned with unprecedented vigor.

Current Market Trends

This type of crypto stability was hard to grasp before the pandemic. But now, everyone is taking notice, boosting confidence in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the board.

Using crypto branding and cryptocurrency marketing can be a bit challenging at first. But with a bit of research, and if needed, a cryptocurrency marketing agency to help, and you can make it happen.

Here are our top crypto marketing and branding tips to prepare your business for the crypto and blockchain future.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for Crypto Marketing and Crypto Branding

Digital currency is not the only standout digital form of worth today. There is the NFT or non-fungible token. What the heck is an NFT? Essentially, an NFT is a unique digital certificate registered in a blockchain to notate ownership. There are a ton of NFTs in use, owned, and for sale.

For instance, the “Homer Pepe” NFT sold for $320,000 in February 2021.

Homer Simpson ImageThis is just one example of an NFT. Digital artists aren’t the only ones cashing in on NFTs. Global corporations are also banking on NFTs, like McDonald’s selling a McRib NFT.

Mc Donalds Twitter Image

If you can position your crypto marketing and branding in a way to utilize NFTs, you can make money and potentially go viral.

Let’s say you own Marge’s Still, one of the oldest bars in Chicago.

Building Black & White Image

There may be a few old images no one has ever seen from the old days at the ball. Those pics could be digitized into NFTs, sold for profit, or even donated to a local charity. That’s serious crypto marketing and crypto branding. Even though it has nothing to do with digital currency itself, it is all about the technology that supports crypto.

There is a reason that NFT is the Collins Dictionary’s word of the year. Look more into NFTs for your business. If you need a bit of technical expertise, feel free to connect with our EWR crypto experts.

2. Cryptocurrency Marketing Brings the Media to Your Business, Instead of the Other Way Around

Due to cryptocurrency’s new popularity in 2020, the media desperately searches for more crypto news and stories, especially when it comes to business. By adopting cryptocurrency as payment and paying your team via crypto, or a mix of crypto and standard cash, your company becomes popular. And popularity in any business means that the media will be calling you.


This media attention can certainly be odd since most businesses need to contact the media to get coverage of the company. Business owners also pay for advertisements to get the media coverage needed. Imagine the marketing budget spend you’ll save not needing to take out expensive ads. And this goes for print and digital publications.

A good example is the entire town of St. Petersburg, Florida.Crypto branding blog Many businesses in the town have adopted cryptocurrency as a form of payment. In fact, named the Tampa/St. Petersburg seven out of ten for the top crypto-friendly cities.

However, be ready for the media coverage. This means that before announcing to the world that you accept cryptocurrency or have adopted a form of blockchain technology, you need a media kit ready.

This gives the media exactly what they need to report on your business as a crypto/blockchain business. You will also look very organized, giving media outlets more reason to keep in touch for further media coverage down the road.

3. Crypto Marketing and Crypto Branding Comes with a Built-In Audience

Not many business ops features will come with a built-in audience. Especially a built-in audience that is eager to shop and work with businesses that support blockchain tech and cryptocurrency.

This can have a big-time positive impact on your business, regardless of industry and niche. If your company takes crypto, your company will have a new customer base. Crypto-enthusiasts that have cryptocurrency to spend are generally in a higher income bracket as well. This is because they utilize digital currency rather than keeping it as a long-term investment.

There is nothing wrong with those investing in cryptocurrency because those will be the crypto shoppers of the very near future. In fact, 13 percent of Americans bought or traded crypto in the past year. This is big since only 24 percent of Americans invested in stocks in the past 12 months.

“Crypto investors tended to be younger, and more diverse in terms of gender and race and ethnicity, relative to retail stock investors,” according to a recent University of Chicago survey. “The average crypto investor is 38 years old, whereas stock investors are 47.”

What does this mean for your business? When you become a crypto-friendly business, ensure you get on the crypto forums and connect with crypto-influencers to get the word out. You need to let your business’ new audience know that you are crypto-friendly and ready for them.

4. Using Cryptocurrency Branding is Your Business’ Differentiator

When using crypto branding and cryptocurrency marketing, you set your business apart from all the non-crypto-friendly competitors. Of course, you will need to adopt some form of cryptocurrency payment acceptance, employee crypto salary, and/or blockchain technology. But once you do and let the masses know, you have a big-time business differentiator.

Crypto branding blog 2

For example, AT&T became the first mobile carrier to accept cryptocurrency in 2019. This was a huge differentiator, especially for the competitive industry the business is in.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services,” AT&T Vice President Kevin McDorman noted on the company’s website, “We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.”

Starbucks,, Overstock, PayPal, and the Dallas Mavericks have the crypto differentiator. And it has helped those companies become forward thinkers. Becoming a thought leader in your industry and the crypto business industry is also another hot crypto marketing and branding strategy that simply works.

And since cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are booming, the time is now to adopt and become a forward-thinking thought leader.

Employ Our Crypto Marketing Tips and Begin Boosting Business

There are certain benefits to crypto marketing and using cryptocurrency branding strategies. The risks that once stopped many businesses and global companies from adoption are all but gone. In fact, nearly every company is doing some form of cryptocurrency and/or blockchain technology research, if not adopting some form of crypto within business operations.

Is your business ready to take the next step toward cryptocurrency marketing and branding via NFTs, thought leadership, massive media coverage, and more?

Yes, crypto can be a bit challenging to wrap your head around at first. But you do have a team of professionals at EWR Digital to help you and your business team get up to speed.

The time has never been better to adopt cryptic currency or blockchain technology for your business. And implementing a marketing strategy to compliment that adoption is essential for your business’ future success.

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