3 Quick Tips For Web Design That Works

Nov 1, 2023

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Qays Zubaidi

Senior Web Developer
Web Design Best Practices

Did you know that you have only 5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention on your website? It makes web designing a lot more difficult, doesn’t it?

Designing a website that looks good, communicates your message, and functions well is not magic. It’s the result of the right planning, strategy, and execution.

With the following web design tips, you can convert your visitors into buyers and also boost your brand credibility.

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You have only 5 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention.

1. Focus on Being Clutter-Free

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You don’t want users to run away from your website because they couldn’t figure it out. Minimalism is not only for your homes. It is for your home page, too. The fewer the elements, the more the focus on what truly matters.

Keep your navigation simple so that visitors stay longer than 5 seconds.

In addition, appeal to emotions and not word count.

Break your content into easy-to-read lines. Use images and icons to communicate your point. Likewise, focus on white space to increase readability and cut clutter.

2. Have a Clear Call to Action

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Every business owner wants their website to get users to buy something or contact for more information.

Giving your users direction on what to do after they visit your site can help boost your conversion rates.

Interestingly, an orange CTA button can boost conversions by 32.5% while a red button boosts it by 21%.

Though everyone knows about call-to-action buttons, many forget to use them in the right way. Your call to action should solve your customers’ pain points.

Use actionable words like start, learn, discover, shop, to make your CTA game-changing!

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3. Don’t Forget Mobile Optimization

80% of internet users today are using smartphones.

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A recent Google study found that if users have trouble accessing a website on their phone, 61% of them are unlikely to return to that website.

In fact, 40% will visit a competitor’s site instead.

That’s why a mobile-responsive website is the first thing to consider to keep your visitors engaged.

80% of internet users today use smartphones.

Test out all your pages and make sure your mobile-friendly site is running on all cylinders. Google has also started penalizing websites that are not mobile-responsive. For these reasons, a responsive web design will do wonders for your SEO and your brand.

EXTRA Bonus Tip – Never stop looking around for inspiration. The creative process is an integral part of web design. When you’re inspired by something amazing, your website will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Website design is the beautiful way that graphics, ads and text are arranged. In the web world, a key goal is to help the viewer find the information they seek quickly and easily.  To understand more on how EWR Digital can help you, contact our web design experts today!

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